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I had not heard of this. I watched the first video and could feel the tension.
He was a jerk. But she was a jerk, too. She was right up to the line. Right…up… to… the line. And then blowing bubbles in the officer’s face. What did she expect?
His job is to keep the line. She was shocked that someone didn’t fall for her cutesy attitude. He did not arrest her. He did not touch her. He made it clear he would consider it assault. He drew the line and then gave her the freedom to cross it. Thankfully, for both sides, she did not.
The court cases are a waste of taxpayer money. Only the lawyers will benefit.

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What a complete asshole. The female officer next to him gives him such a look when he starts talking, like “Are you serious?”

I wouldn’t say the protester was a jerk. She put the bubbles away when he told her to, and he kept being hostile and insulting. His statement that he was treating her with respect was laughable. Look at them – he’s a gigantic guy in shades (oooo, but the bubbles will get in his eyes) and she’s an average-sized young woman who looks stunned by his asinine behavior.

Look, if you’re going to be a police officer, you have to expect to keep your cool when people annoy you. Note I said “annoy,” not “threaten” or “harm” or “interfere with your job.” He overreacted to something incredibly trite – what’s he going to do if someone puts a flower in his gun barrel?

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He should be thoroughly and frequently mocked.

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I find the whole thing lulzworthy.

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@worriedguy I’m in favor of law and order as much as anybody, and I normally give the benefit of a doubt to a cop even though I’m generally not a big fan but he was in no way trying to keep the peace. I agree that the bubble-blower was there to provoke a response, and she won. He responded inappropriately. Clearly he would have responded this way if she had spoken too loudly (aural assault), played with a squirt gun and gotten a drop of water on him (assault with unknown clear liquid substance) or even tossed flower petals at his feet. He was there to be provoked and start something, and apparently he got what he wanted, all the while trying to appear in high dudgeon over his super-correct law-and-order attitude.

And don’t think I’m a fan of the G20 protesters; generally I think they’re totally misguided, if not outright stupid and simply insane.

The fact that he seems to have taken this as some huge legal issue now indicates to me that he not only has a screw loose, but whatever that screw was intended to keep in place, too… such as his ego, which has gotten totally out of control, or his common sense, which may have melted in the heat that day.

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In this video,
Violent Protest or Agent Provocateurs? Toronto G8-G20

In a minute into the video we hear the Sex Pistols “Anarchy in the UK,”
but then it get’s interesting 2:20 into it.

In 2:54 we hear about Agent Provacateurs in the Montebello Summit (in Quebec)—cops as protesters.

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ok, I admit I was really mesmerized by the lady’s hair at 3:09. Can she only hold her blow-dryer in one hand?

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A time-honored (or dishonored) practice, @Civic_Cat. A hundred years ago cops in the USA were doing the same thing in attempting to create violent protests involving “Bolsheviks”, “anarchists” and “unionists”. Thanks for the link.

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Mock the moron. He is a member of the Cult of the Perpetually Offended. They should all be mocked. Relentlessly.

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