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How come there aren't a lot of lesbian actresses and gay actors out there ?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) October 26th, 2010

Especially not a lot of black gay/lesbians actors/actresses either? Does the media mostly and only want straight ones and homosexuals aren’t totally accepted in the media? The only time you may see a lot of gay actors and lesbian actresses are featured in porn episodes.The only ones I see actually on television or in movies just the only shows as one cast member from the other charaters,the series The L Word, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson from the HBO series The Wire, and so on which is very few to me.

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Isn’t Anderson Cooper gay. But I guess by media you are talking about tv shows and other entertainment. A lot of tv shows are trying to appeal to a wide audience, so thats why you see a smaller amount of shows with homosexuals as characters.
Edit: Oh, I confused gay actors with actors playing gay characters. oh well my bad

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Actually, there are quite a bit.

(this is just a list of characters)

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Ian McKellan, Stephen Fry…

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There are probably a lot more than you think. Here is a web site that lists over 700 celebrities in the GLBT community. Think about it; do you know the sex/gender status of every celebrity? I don’t know about today, but in the past, there have been plenty that never came out publicly.

And there are several more possible reasons. I have no idea what percentage of the population is part of the GLBT class, but I’d venture a guess that it is a lower number than those that are straight. Then there is the sub-set of actors to all other careers.

As for people who portray a GLBT character in a movie or television show, including porn, it doesn’t mean that they are, and vice-versa. I thought that Eric McCormack from Will & Grace was gay until I read somewhere that he wasn’t. I bet that there are others that thought the same.

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You want to try watching Bristish soaps they are full of gay people some represented well others not so well!

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How do you know that there aren’t? Maybe your gaydar needs adjustment.

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I was under the impression that there were quite a bit. Unless you mean openly gay people and movie themes? Compared to openly “straight” celebrities and movie themes there aren’t. But it’s getting better and at a higher rate :)
I agree with @sakura ..british tv shows/movies have way more openly gay actors/actresses.
I think there are tons of gay actors and actresses that aren’t “out” ..but that’s different.

(Edit) Oh sorry, I didn’t really answer why… the main simplest reason is because the media (more particularly those that own the media) still see homosexuality as taboo…especially in north america.

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How would we know unless you keep up with all the celebrity talk? I don’t keep up so unless they started putting their sexual preferences beside each name, I’d never know.

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Why make such an issue of someone’s sexuality anyway? One is not defined by one’s sexuality.
And what @faye said.
And how do you know if they’re gay or not? Theyre acting, not sitting around talking about their sex lives.

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No, there really isn’t. There’s a lot more gay men than gay women, though. Most are afraid to come out because they don’t want to get typecast as “the gay character” which is always a supporting character, often with only a couple lines, never the lead.
Many porn actors aren’t really gay, they’re “gay for pay”.

@LKidKyle1985 Anderson Cooper doesn’t talk about his personal life. Everyone knows he is, but he isn’t actually “out” (or “in”, since he just has a policy of “I can neither confirm nor deny that” on everything).

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Because most people aren’t understanding about that stuff and so it could put their life in danger if they told people.

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