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Does RapLeaf have any access to Flutherites' data?

Asked by anartist (14803points) October 26th, 2010

This could include the email addresses to which Fluther sends messages, which could be linked to a real name [for some] and more information.

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We don’t send your data to anyone if that’s what you’re asking.

We won’t share your info with any third parties without your explicit permission, unless the law or some imminent harm requires it.

^ via the privacy policy you agree to by using Fluther

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@timtrueman wasn’t thinking of you all pimping jellies. Was wondering more if they could wriggle themselves in somehow? Or is all this stuff a sort of business arrangement if it does exist?

I think about Zuckerberg on the hook, saying some of their apps providers ”inadvertently” exploited a weakness in browsers—the ‘referral’ function. LOL.

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@anartist It’s a business arrangement unless it’s a security hole and those don’t last long usually. Nobody legit is going to grab your data without our permission (and yours).

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@timtrueman thanx so if you don’t do the business we are safe until a dirty weasel slips in—and you are watching for weasels.

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@anartist basically. I’d be more worried about physical access to your computer than anything else personally.

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I gave the ex a limited user account only when he visits. lol.
I even keep myself on a limited user account most of the time.
[scared of being ‘botted]

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If you access they have your data.

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@BarnacleBill yah, I read about, which, btw, is owned by the New York Times.

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