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The only way you could check for yourself is if you knew how many Starfish awards that you already had and now see if the number increased by that many. Otherwise, it is up to the Fluther behind-the-scenes staff to see if it is a glitch. Since there was one earlier this week regarding the 10/20/30 K announcements in the Community Feed, it may just be a glitch. If not, congratulations! You may have set a new record.

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It is real not a glitch. ;)

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I saw it too.

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Wow. Weird! I’m flattered, by the way. I really thought it was some kind of blip.

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Now I want to know what the great answer was that got you all that! I mean, I know you’re always compassionate and clever, but…wow. And look——> you were just followed!

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

Awww, listen to you. Now I’m just embarrassed! Too sweet.

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<sigh> just awed, that’s all.

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Atta girl!! I’m jealous

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We restarted the program that computes awards behind-the-scenes, so it whisked through briskly and awarded a bunch of things in a row.

Also we love you.

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That sounds more like it. So it was a glitch.

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Not a glitch- you still earned the awards. :) They just logged all together.

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Now I’ve gotcha. Thanks very much. :)

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This is more evidence of my frequently-ignored contention that Fluther is really only one user with over 34,000 accounts, and now we know that user is you!

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I am impressed, too!

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That was kind of awesome.

There should be an award for that, I say. ;-)

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It happens to me occasionally – usually because of the time difference, I’m the only one here – so everything I write becomes starfishes and great answers.

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@seazen : That and your multple personalities! XP

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It’s like being in the John Malkovich portal :)

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That was spectacular. It’s even more spectacular that you were able to catch it. Nice going!

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We do lurve you. Just sayin’.

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I lurve you all back. Just sayin’. :)

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You’re just that awesome!

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No glitch. You’re just awsome. Either that or “someone is following you!!!l Be careful!

No, you’re just awsome!

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Your soooo Modest ;-)
Well done & keep up the good work…. :-/

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Nice job on all the awards within what…..12 seconds?

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@Scooby shhh. :)

@Gamrz360 it wasn’t actually in 12 seconds, it really was a glitch that it all came up at once.

Thank you :)

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