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Got a DVD stuck in my Macbook, will the motor burn and start a fire?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) October 26th, 2010

I hear nothing, but the DVD was hard to insert and the noisy robotic sequence we usually hear didn’t finish. And the DVD isn’t mounted. It’s gone past the curtains too, so to speak. So it’s not like I can easily get The Devil Wears Prada from inside the beast. But can I continue using the machine?

It almost seems like I’m asking a philosophical question…

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You’re fine. And there are lots of ways to get it out.

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No, it won’t hurt your machine. And I have used that above list- it’s very useful! Is this a white MacBook? Many of them have really crappy SuperDrives.

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Black Leopard.

Closed it and opened again, and the DVD went in all the way and mounted fine.

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Though I can sympathize I have to wonder how you could possibly think it would catch fire… DVD players are pretty sturdy as long as you don’t open the casing so whenever something goes wrong I just pry it open and slam it back shut when I’m done. There has not been a single instance in which this didn’t solve the problem and save me 5 minutes of pushing that button.

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He/She thought it could catch fire because the disk may have continued to spin causing the battery to overheat.

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