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Are you a love-tease?

Asked by seazen (6113points) October 26th, 2010

Someone says “I love you” to you – you reply:

A: I love you too.

B: Let me think about that

C: Depends whether you actually love them or not.

D: Thanks!

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B is a little cruel- I’d be gone. I think C is your answer.

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When I say it,I mean it. ;)

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D with the embellishment of, “You have great taste.”. ;-)

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@Brian1946 Silly – this is General!

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My ex husbands standard reply: How could you not?

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I once absent mindedly replied “I know”.....

but yeah, C- what’s the point of faking it? I’m a girl and don’t have to say those type things to get laid. Now it’s usually just my husband or close friends/family that say they love me so it’s a non-issue.

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Usually I go with “I love you too!”. I do love quite a few people. Just not in the romantic sense.
However, my parents get a response of “you too”. I haven’t told them I love them in about.. 8 years.

And occasionally, I’ll break out the Han Solo and say I know when responding to the boy.

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Without question, I fall into the C category. I will not tell someone I love them if I don’t mean it.

Though I have on occasion teased my mum by pretending I have to think about it. Her reactions are hilarious.

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