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Smell you later: what are some infantile things people actually say?

Asked by seazen (6118points) October 26th, 2010


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“I’m bored.”

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Not if I see you first.

I actually got that from Family Matters, but I’m sure some prune out there actually says that.

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Your mother wears combat boots.

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Later alligater, after while crocodile.

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$2000 to get my nose fixed and my mouth won’t work. How about a little of the old in-out?

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Don’t anything I wouldn’t do.
If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

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“You make me ___”

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Till next time because I really have to go.

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“I don’t mean no disrespect…” Then they say the most disrespectful thing they could say.

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@chyna ha! I say that! But then, I am in Cajun country.

“I don’t get it” ugh! that gets under my skin!

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A dork says what?

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“I know you are, but what am I?”

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“Are you working hard or hardly working?” (followed by moronic guffaws)

@truecomedian In the same vein, “I hate to complain…” followed by a lot of whining. No, clearly you love it.

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Why don’t you take a picture? It’ll last longer.

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Did you get a hair cut? “I got them all cut”

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@zenvelo OK, I lol’d

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I was playing handball today, and the score was 5–9. I allowed the server to score just so he would have to say the score was 6–9 and I could giggle like Peter Griffin. If that isn’t juvenile, I don’t know what is.

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I have used the word “awesomesauce.”

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See ya later, Tater.

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sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite. or-
you’re not the boss of me

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“Have a good one!” I don’t like that phrase for some unknown probably irrational reason. I always feel the urge to say “A good one what???”

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What ever floats your boat.

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careful you could put an eye out with that.or-
see what you made me do?or-
you have any naked pictures of your wife? no? wanna see some?

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You got something chocolate on your nose.
I bet with all that bending over, your pretty flexible.

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stupit phone!! or anything else you want to insert after stupit

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What happens in ___ stays in ___
___ is the new _____
What’s up? The sky.

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Pull my finger. No really, pull my finger.

Guess what? Chicken butt.


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Lettuce leaf (let us leave)

Penisbutter (peanut butter)

i’m not sure I’m getting the jest of this lol

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I never got ,“go pound sand” I mean what is the mechanism of the pounding? I can’t even imagine an obscene visual of what that would look like.

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You are a fart smeller, I mean, a smart feller.

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i answer my phone ‘smello?’ and see ya later masterbator, see ya in awhile, pedophile

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