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What does it mean if you dream about someone you don't know?

Asked by iame (11points) October 26th, 2010

I had a dream with a girl I don’t know. It was at a place iv’e been to before and there was a bunch of friends there. For some reason she came up to me and said something i don’t really remember. I kind of liked her and felt like kissing her in the dream but couldn’t. What does it mean??

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Probably nothing.

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Definitely nothing.

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LIfe is enormous. What I mean is, it really is constantly surprising us. I have had experiences I never would have thought possible. Maybe she is a construct of what you’re looking for. Or maybe she’s someone you just glanced in passing. Or maybe she’s your true love trying to connect with you. Sorry about that last one, that got a little cheesy.

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She was offering you gas money to drive her and all her friends home??

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Now this is really important. Wash your sheets wet?
If not than it was nothing. If so, its just a tension release dream. :))

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Your subconscious is telling you that there’s someone out there waiting for you. : ))

( I know! Like… DUH! )

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Dreams have no mystical meaning. They are little stories your brain makes up while it is doing it’s nightly exercises.

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I read something recently about dreams that said every person that you see in your dreams you have seen before in real life, even if it was just a fleeting moment. You may have not paid them any attention at the time of seeing them but you subconscious stores up all the nameless faces you see throughout life and every so often you dream about them. I can’t tell you what it means but it certainly explains why we sometimes see “strangers” in our dreams.

Now, how true the above is, I can’t tell you. I read it on

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I think it means that you will meet her farther down the road. All I know is that she most likely was thinking of you before she went to bed because that’s what scientist say.

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“that’s what scientist say.” Where did you see this?

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I can’t remeber but it’s has been proven

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I have dreams about teachers and most of my dreams come true. I’m afraid that my teacher dreams will come true.

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This person is a construct from a mental stallagtite that is a projection of an ideal personna.

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Please just have fun with dreams and don’t put much stock in them. It has been theorized by some of the best minds in science that dreams are just your brain dumping trivia and stress. And, no, I don’t have a link- I’d have to go google it.

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@faye I hope you’re right, I have dreams that really upset me and I dread them coming true!

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@Leanne1986 I have dreams I’d love to come true but they don’t either!

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The worst dreams I have, come true but the best don’t come true. One time I had a dream about my ex-boyfriend blowing up and he didn’t but it seems it might come true. He races cars and I hate him for doing that because I have a feeling I’ll be at a funeral not to far down the road.

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POSSIBLY your going to meet this girl sometime soon?
weirdly thats how I met my fiance, I had a dream about being in a lab and uni meeting this new boy… few months later :S I met the boy in my dreams and funny thing was my fiance mentioned he had a dream about meeting me at uni long before we met, and then we got talking about our dreams!

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