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Do birds yawn?

Asked by Adina1968 (2747points) October 26th, 2010

Do birds yawn?

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My geese yawn, and I once had a Military macaw that also yawned so I’d have to say yes.

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I’ve seen them sneeze.

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I have seen parrots look like they were yawning

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My parrot does for sure. he also says “give me your hand” then bites you.

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Apparently so. Watching that video made me yawn, too, so bird yawns must be as contagious as the human variety!

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Oh… I just learned something interesting. If birds yawn excessively, it can mean they have a yeast infection or sinus problems and need to see a vet.

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My budgerigars yawn many times a day, mabey i am boring to them! :)

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