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How many (Maximum)data storage capacity of SQLite?

Asked by bhav (1points) October 26th, 2010

I developed iphone application & back-end use SQLite so i don’t know SQLite Data Storage Memory Size.

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I believe SQLite can handle more data than there is capacity on the iPhone. Now managing memory so that only the appropriate amount is ever faulted in at any given time is a much trickier issue. Are you using Core Data?

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From the sqlite website:

“In common use, SQLite databases tend to range in size from a few kilobytes to a few gigabytes.”

“The maximum size database would be 2147483646 pages at 65536 bytes per page or 140,737,488,224,256 bytes (about 140 terabytes). Usually SQLite will hit the maximum file size limit of the underlying filesystem or disk hardware size limit long before it hits its own internal size limit.”

As @gorillapaws says, this isn’t the constraint you should be worried about.

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