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With your dog, is each morning a grand event with kisses and racing around?

Asked by Aster (19062points) October 27th, 2010

Our dogs, esp aimee, go nuts when I get up. She jumps up on me, kisses me continually, runs away three feet, turns around and comes back and stands on her toes to do the kissing thing and to get her tummy rubbed then repeats 4 times. It is such an adorable thing; do your dogs do this or is it a Bichon Frise thing?

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Mine starts by shaking her head to wake me up with her dog tags. Then she dances as I start getting up, her toe nails clicking on the floor. Then when I’m up she runs in circles, jumps at me, runs in and out the doggie door all for about 10 minutes, then she just drops and naps.

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Hi ,
that is so adorable. what kind of dog? The doggie door thing is really over the top cute.

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I have a bichon, too, and it’s the exact same way! She makes a certain noise that sounds like a cross between a rumble and a bark, then runs around in circles for at least 5 minutes! (Another friend who has a bichon calls it the “bichon buzz.”) There’s kissing and nudging against my hand until I scratch her neck. She likes that better than her belly.

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It most certainly was. Every morning with a dog eager to go outside was a grand event at least in their eyes!! I loved those kisses every morning. When I move I will have another puppy in my mornings to give me those kisses!

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@Aster Mine is a boxer.

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My dog (Siberian Husky) barely wakes up, looks at me like “wtf are you doing, go back to bed” and then stumbles his way to the kennel and out front for a morning walk.

We fit perfectly.

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Both my dogs (Jack Russell and Staffy) are very excited in the morning but the Staffy is more pleased to see that her humans are awake while the Jack Russell does her “Let me out, I need to pee” dance!!!

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My maltese does that and also what @noelleptc said.
This morning he thought it would be awesome by clawing the back of my neck and head. And when I lazily just turned and scratched his head he slammed his body against my back and sighed.
It all depends on what mood he is in and how much sleep he got.
But he was definetly feeling playful this morning. However, he had some kicking breath so I wasn’t receptive to his kisses this morning. :(

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@Leanne1986 there is an adorable, real small Jack Russell down the street who keeps escaping to come over to our house. Our dogs go nuts, being very rude to him, barking very loudly non-stop but “Jack” as we call him ignores me!! He’s mostly white; very attractive but he sure doesn’t act like a Bichon! lol

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I try not to get her riled up as she is a big dog and well,I like calm animals.I trained her a few months ago to go outside and bring me the paper.It is so nice not to have to prance around out there in my bathrobe anymore.She’ll bring it in,get a treat,then go out back for awhile.

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The main event at our house is when our border collie brings us his bowl for his Pedigree.

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@lucillelucillelucille WAT?? How on earth do you train a dog to fetch a newsp?? I thought only professional actor dogs did that.

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Oh yeah, you’re telling me it is! Tongue out, tail wagging bounding around the place excitedly. My dog gets quite excited too! :¬)

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My dog is 10 now so more like kisses and tail wagging without the running around.

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@john65pennington Oh, that is just amazing!! I mean, almost human!

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@Aster -I used to just point and tell her to pick it up.The first time she mouthed it I praised her.
Then when she picked it up I told her to come and the rest is history.Now she will go straight to the door in the morning to get it.She will pick up anything I point to and bring it to me if I ask.She is a good baby! :)

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My Australian shepherd sleeps on the bed. The first half hour is snuggling, rolling over, petting her on the belly, snuggling some more and finally me getting into the shower while she continues to sleep. It’s built into the schedule.

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What kind of dog? Lucy, I’m really impressed.

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@Aster -She’s a German Shepherd Dog so,she made my job easy.She also does my taxes ;)

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The morning is like have a roommate you have to feed.

Even when coming home. It is a wasss up type of thing.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^ gee, that doesn’t sound very thrilling?

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Dude, my cat is like this. It’s ridiculous.

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It used to be, but now she’s old and slow. She stays in bed longer than I do.

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No, my Queensland Heeler just follows me around everywhere. He sleeps on my bed, and while I get dressed, he just lays there. When I’m done he does a little hip-hop to his bowl for the treats I put in there. Hubby has already fed him.

When I go to the kitchen, he plops down just outside the entry way, then when I bring my coffee in the family room and sit at my computer, he jumps up in his chair with his nose about five inches from my arm.

When I go in the bathroom, he lies just outside the door, in the sun that comes in through the sliding glass door of my bedroom, and then follows me back to the family room. When I take a shower, he lies down right in front of the door, and I have to open it carefully to avoid stepping on him.

When I go out to the laundry room, he lies right in front of the door, and I have to step over him to carry the laundry out and the clean clothes in.

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My border collie mix starts each day by plopping herself between my husband and I. Then she starts talking to us. After she’s finished talking to us, she flies off the bed and runs to the back door. Daily ritual, I love it.

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Lately, I’ve been getting up at 5 a.m., which is earlier than anybody ought to be up, and the dog knows it. Still, she’ll get up and greet me for a bit – she wags her tail some, I scratch her behind the ears – and then she goes back to bed.
Unless I’m eating something.

On days that I sleep in, she’s much happier to see me.

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@Nullo That’s so cute!

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