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Has anyone here had any experience with IUCs or more specifically, Mirena?

Asked by poofandmook (17285points) October 27th, 2010

it’s all in the question.

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I had an IUD for 6 months, specifically the Mirena, and I cramped and hurt like hell the entire time, so I had it removed. My sister in law has had her Mirena for several years and hasn’t had any problems. I guess it depends on the person.

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I just got it last night, and I was in so much pain… I was convinced I’d be in the ER by morning having it removed. I took a sleeping pill and four Aleve and woke up feeling just like I did before I got it.

Did it lessen your periods?

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No, it made them really funky though, like one month I’d have a normal cycle, then a week later, I’d have brown spotting for a couple days, then two weeks later I’d bleed for only one day, then a couple weeks later I’d have another normal cycle. It was really weird, and I pretty much wore a pad the entire 6 months I had it.

I do have endometriosis though, so I wonder if that had anything to do with all the pain and cramping from the IUD. My body never adjusted to it; I could literally feel where the device was the whole time. It sucked.

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A very long time ago, I thought an IUD might be a better thing for my bod than the pill. It wasn’t, my experience was very similar to that of @WillWorkForChocolate. It makes sense that these things cause problems; however you look at it an IUD is designed to make the environment inside the womb unsuitable for implantation of an ovum. It is an irritant. Some people tolerate them better, but if the thing continues to cause pain after a couple more days @poofandmook (love that name by the way) you might seriously want to consider another contraceptive.

Good luck with it, for me it was a dreadful experience and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.

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@choppersangel: Actually, this morning I woke up and feel no pain at all. Even sitting is easier (last night it was tender to say the least). I feel, if anything, a little swollen maybe, and the occasional very light barely-worth-mentioning cramp. The bleeding, which they said would be worse, seems to have actually lightened since last night… but that could be temporary. I seem to be tolerating it excellently at the moment.

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As mentioned @poofandmook, it was a ling time ago. Hopefully new technology means better tolerance – I hope the improvement continues and you stay well – all the best :o)

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I do not know personally, but all of my girlfriends that have ever had an IUD complain of the same symptoms that @WillWorkForChocolate described. They all scared me out of trying it, honestly.

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