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If your mind were a room, what would it be like?

Asked by AmWiser (14927points) October 27th, 2010

Make your room as large or small as you like, just remember it’s your mind….If it were a room, what would it be like?

Mine is like a room full of windows where I look out and see beautiful landscape with flowers, trees and large bodies of water. Inside of the room some corners are dark and cluttered with projects, odd objects, trinklets and boxes of things that need sorting. The walls are filled with hundreds of pictures of family and friends, past and present. Music is always playing and there are huge soft lounging chairs for relaxing, reading or conversing….

There’s alot more in my room but I’ll stop here to see what others have to say….

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Bomb Shelter with a laptop with internet, stratocaster, Marshall stack and a belt of blues harmonicas.

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The Guggenheim.

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Very cluttered!

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Completely empty. Glass walls, too.

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Dark and twisty.

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Sexy party soaring through space on the fist of an angry god.

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Very,very interesting. But I would only let you see bits of it.

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It would be a dual purpose room; library and playroom. Nice and comfy, warm, with lots of soft cushions to sit on, and music playing all the time. But it won’t be neat: it looks like someone’s been in there and scattered all the books about. The filing system is atrocious.

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Mine is not a room but an open field filled with wildflowers and a set of car keys that I can’t find XD

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Probably something either something that belongs in a horror flick, or filled with file cabinets but everything is decaying.

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@Zyx stole my answer.

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@wundayatta I just knew your room would be filled with some wonderous things.
@ChazMaz Very complex and colorful (inside & out)

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Mine is a small room (not too small, but not big either) with no lights at all. It has a black door, and the inside of the room is warm although it seems to be cold. There’s no furniture, only lots of books, magazines (I said there’s no light, so when I want to read I use my cell phone as a light) CDs, and piles of clothes. On the floor there are also some pillows and other stuff I can sit or sleep on. But the best thing is that I’m not alone in that room. I can invite anyone I want, to come and talk to me about pretty much everything.

p.s. I’ll also need my mp4, laptop and all the chargers.

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Mine is a warehouse stuffed full of an eclectic variety of out of the ordinary items, most of which are either totally inaccessible (due to the loads of other crap piled on top) or only partially visible because it is covered by tarps. In the corner, however, is a small office space that is fairly neatly kept with adequate access to all of the stuff currently needed to manage from day to day.

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One huge child’s playroom…....with a corner specifically designated for a little bit of filth (dirty mind you see) Well, can’t be all good now can I? :¬)

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My room would have a recliner and a big bottle of Aleve!

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A maze, a labyrinth!

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Ah. It would look like this (with a minibar).
Simple, elegant, and super girly but not too uptight.

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I would say that if it was a reality it be a glass house so that I can see everything around it.. But currently its a room full of dreams which have to be accomplished, of course with a wall full of the things I have to get done for the kids and etc. and then another wall with my school stuff which is goals, and finally a future wall of where I want to be in the near future… Ahh, dreams

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A revolving museum on top of a tall tower, constantly changing view and configuration.

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A walk in cooler with a stereo, a hot tub, and a pump circulating nitrous oxide throughout, 24/7.

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To everyone, it’s just a locked metal door.

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Something like this mixed with a bit of this

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@AmWiser Nothing is one of the most amazing things there is.

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@wundayatta Yeah, I know, my husband’s dissertation on nothing has been well drummed into my mind since his retirement XD

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As of today I would say my room would truly be free of headaches, and bills and for sure anything not sweet..
And it would have an awesome bed with the best pillows and softest covers around… And for sure it would have awesome candles and smell really nice.. Outside there would be a view of the ocean and it be on the top of a mountain (a stable one, lol)
Yeap that is where I would go right now if it was a reality… peace and nice..

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