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Ugh another iPhone question!: I trick the Apple Store support people that my iPhone is a virgin?

Asked by xgunther (446points) April 1st, 2008 from iPhone

I’m experiencing a very annoying problem with my iPhone. It has been happening even when I was with AT&T—my iPhone thinks there is something plugged into the bottom port at all times. I get that annoying “this accessory is not made for iPhone…” message like 20 times an hour. It shuts off my audio. Anyway, my iPhone is jailbroken and unlocked for T-Mo. Is there a way I can make it seem brand new under AT&T so I can go get it exchanged at an apple store?

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Same thing happened to me. I restored my phone then took it in. They gave me a new phone.

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However, I was always using AT&T. I don’t know if the restore will make it look like a non-T-Mobile phone.

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yeah, good point about the non- t-mobile part.. that may send up some flags at apple.. but, you could restore it and just say it’s giving you that problem when you try to sync it up for the first time, or something to that effect. apple is giving great customer care to iphone owners, so hopefully you won’t have any trouble. or you could just try and refresh it.. and re-jailbreak it. that’s another, less sneaky way to see if it’s a broken iphone or just a weird hacking glitch.

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Usually the error you are describing is related to foreign objects in dock bay, such as lint and what not.

I’d give a thorough blasting with compressed air, than clean the contacts and surrounding area with something lightly dipped in rubbing alcohol.

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I agree with spargett. I think my problem came from plugging a car charger into it that had some oxidated connections. The oxidation then got onto the charging contacts on my iPhone. See if there is a safe solvent to use to break up any thing that is stuck to your contacts.

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ah I have this same thing happening to me, except it occured in the headphone jack. Does anyone know any good solvents that could help clean it out?

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I’ll try rubbing alcohol. But how do I apply it? Seems like if i use a a q-tip or cotton swab that the cotton may get stuck on the contacts?

Any suggestions?

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Q-Tip should be just fine. I doubt it’ll fit though, I’d try wrapping a piece of cloth soaked in alcohol around something small enough to fit in the space. Could be anything really.

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And rubbing alcohol wouldn’t damage the phone at all?

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Just use a light amount. It won’t take much. Use your common sense.

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