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Are smarter people usually funnier?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) October 27th, 2010 from iPhone
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I know I am!

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Funnier to other people who get their jokes. Humor has a certain appropriateness to audience.

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I find that funnier people are usually smarter. I definitely know some smart people who seem to have no sense of humor whatsoever, but the funniest people I know are witty and clever and that’s indicative of their intelligence.

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Our jokes involve a bit more forethought and creativity, but even the best joke fails if you don’t have good delivery whereas even the stupidest lnes can get laughs if told properly.

So I would say that, on average, n. If nothing else, @anartist is correct; intelligent jokes go over many people’s heads. Look at Dennis Miller!

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Not quite, just because you are smart doesn’t mean you are funny!
Those smart people have to have a certain humor that people can understand and get what´s going on. Smart people can also be pretty boring. Like in my class there is this boy and girl who are smart, but the girl is such a bitch and so I don’t think she’s funny because her and her friends are only always together and they don’t seem to be interested in getting to know other people apart from their own social group. Am sure someone is wondering along the way “are people who are not smart ( I didn’t feel like using stupid) boring? because they are not smart doesnt mean they are boring or not funny.

I am average smart I guess and Hell yeah am funny. there is always some dirty humor going on

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I’ve always found that funny people usually grow up in a difficult situations and use humor as a defense mechanism to adjust to their enviroment. If you read about the life’s of great comedians, this is usually a trend.

Intelligence may or may not have something to do with it.

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@BoBo1946 Maybe. Most intelligent kids are ridiculed by their peers while adults are generally either condescending (treating them like an idiot) or annoyed to find that they don’t act as they’re expected to, so being an intelligent child may qualify as “a difficult situation”. Of course, normal people can have shitty lives too.

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True… could be! Each situation is different. But, if study the lives of great comedians, most came from poor backgrounds.

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Hey @jerv check this out… funniest man i’ve ever watched!

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What @jerv said.

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I don’t necessarily think a “funny person” is someone who puts a lot of effort into their “intelligent jokes”. That might be the case for a good comedian, but if you’re just talking about a friend who is funny, I find that they seem to have this natural “funniness” about them; they can come up with things on the spot, they know just what to say to make people laugh. I have a few friends like this (and yes, they also happen to be intelligent). I find the less intelligent people who try to be funny like that fail on most occasions and it’s just painful to listen to…

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@DominicX The key is timing. That is why…... William Shatner…. is… funny when…..he sings; timing. You don’t need a big brain to have the right type of creativity to sense when to male a quip.

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Yes, but I think it takes intelligence to know what to say at those times.

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Well Stephen Hawking is fucking hilarious! I don’t know what that says about your theory, but there you go.

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In thinking about the people I’ve known from a tender age who are known for their humor, most stumbled upon it. They did or said something that got a laugh, and they liked it. They wanted more. They cultivate it into a skill. They find their niche. I can’t say that any of them are smarter than the average human. They just have a talent, and we love it when they use it. Oh, how we laugh.

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Bob, get me a sandwich quick!

Guess everyone has a different sense of “humoral !”

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@DominicX True, but you don’t need to be a member of MENSA to have a quick wit. Mere linguistic fluency at a third grade level is enough to think of something.

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I didn’t say “member of MENSA”, I said intelligent as opposed to “dull” or “stupid” or “simple”. Not the same thing.

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No, from what I’ve seen on the TV comedy shows, comedians come from all levels of intelligence. Being a comedian is a talent, just like being a dancer, artist, or musician, and often overlaps with the other entertainment fields.

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No but funny people are generally smarter.

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Yep. I’m brilliant, hilarious, and humble.

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@DominicX Ah, a different definition of “intelligent” than I was thinking.

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I don’t think smarter people are necessarily funnier; I know a good many smart people who are really not very funny and some of whom are astonishingly dull. But I do think that given equal gifts for humor, the more intelligent person will probably exercise it better.

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Humor is in the mind of the beholder.
A bit like beauty, but you get the fuzzy feeling in a different place!............

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Sometimes the humor might be more subtle.

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