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What is the best phrasing to use to say thank you in this situation?

Asked by weeveeship (4622points) October 27th, 2010

There was this errand I needed help on for sometime in the upcoming week. I asked someone for help verbally and the person said that he could help. I am now writing to provide logistical info (time/location/etc.) to the person.

What is the best way to say thank you here? (Person hasn’t actually done anything yet, but seems willing to do so)

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I would just write “Thanks for the help!”

Technically, if he’s reading the list, he’s already doing something. Sort of.

Also, writing “Thank you for having offered your assistance” sounds a bit too legalese ~

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I want to thank you in advance for doing XYZ. It was really kind of you to volunteer to help, because I really need help with this project/situation and you’re being a great friend/relative to help me out. How about I take you to lunch/movies/play next week. Thanks again for being such a helpful friend/relative.

Yours, Me

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Your assistance is sincerely appreciated.

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“Thanks for offering to help! Here are the details you asked for…”

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I can only tell you what I would do if I were me, which I am. I would begin the message/email with “I really appreciate your willingness to help me with this.”. Then I would lay out the logistics
of the whole thing, And then I would end the message/email with “Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.”

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Thanks. lurve for all.

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