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Starcraft 2: What Protoss strategies should I learn?

Asked by timtrueman (5746points) October 27th, 2010

My style:
1. I enjoy Protoss so don’t try to sell me on another race.
2. I tend to have a relatively low APM (mid-30s).
3. I’m better at macro than micro.

I think I should probably start with the standard 4 gate but I’m wondering this:
1. What specific opening I should learn first?
2. What strategies I might explore after that?
3. Which strategies are suited to 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4?
4. What are some race specific strategies I can exploit when playing PvP, PvT and PvZ?
5. What can I do to improve my micro and APM?
6. How do you use the group hotkeys?
7. How can I exploit my strengths at macro and less my weakness at micro?
8. How should I practice? Custom games versus AI? Real live subject on

I’m not particularly hardcore or worried about doing well but I’ve just been watching a bunch of Husky’s videos and wanted to raise my (light) gaming to the next level.

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Zealot Rush!

Worked on SCBW

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A Chargelot timing push is probably my strongest strategy but then I’m weak on air.

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Air weakness probably won’t matter in the early game. So, just pump Zealots ASAP and rush away!

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try reading this site…..

you’ll probably get more than 3 responses… in fact just search first, they get upset when you ask “dumb questions.”

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Have you been watching the day9 newbie tuesdays? If not they are a great way to learn..

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@nisse I haven’t—thanks for that suggestion! I’ve just been watching HuskyStarcraft for the most part…my StarCraft 2 time is rather limited. I’ll watch a pro-level game, then try something I saw in it online, watch my replay of that game and then note my mistakes and weak points and play a second game trying to improve upon the first game. The only strategy I’ll never try is the good old 13 gate done in this video by CellaWerra (hilarious!):

@tedd I’m an idiot for not realizing the forums on there would have the answer to my questions.

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