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Is it possible to hyperlink a word or a phrase to another page of the same document in MS Word 2007?

Asked by paramour (72points) October 28th, 2010

I’m doing my term paper as required for an online course. In this case, we only have to send the soft copy to our mentor.

I am trying to link a certain area from the Table of Contents to another page. Is that possible? If so, please state instructions. Thank you.

\\ Immediate answers are very, very much appreciated.

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It can be done but I need to know the version of office you are using for exact steps. Basically, you create bookmarks and then in your TOC you create a hyperlink to the bookmark.

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@mrlaconic currently using MS Word 2007. Thanks. :D

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OK sorry for the delay

1.) Select your text that you want to link TO (highlight)
2.) Go to the Insert Tab and select bookmark
3.) Create your bookmark

4.) Go to where your TOC and highlight the text that you want to be the link
5.)Go to the interest tab and select hyperlink
6.) Click the bookmarks button
7.) Select bookmark that you created in step 3.

Hope this helps

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