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Why do you feel like throwing up if you don't eat anything?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7877points) October 28th, 2010

I find that when I don’t eat breakfast, I feel like throwing up after drinking my coffee. Why is that?

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Too much stomach acid. Coffee is acidic. There is no buffer for the acid when you have no food in your stomach.

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If you drank milk or even water, you wouldn’t feel like that. It’s the coffee that does it.

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Yep, does it to me too. Eat some toast or a piece of fruit with it. I eat a banana with my coffee in the morning and it helps.

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…so why when you get really hungry and don’t eat anything you feel sick also (so not the coffee) is that excess stomach acid too?

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@nebule Hm, that makes sense to me because I get the same way.

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Ohh, the same thing happens to me with tea. Only I always have breakfast. It happens if I drink tea BEFORE breakfast. Okay, your stomach has acid, and if it doesn´t get any food it will eat away at the sides of your stomach, which is very uncomfortable of course. The strange thing is that it also happens to me sometimes with water maybe if I´m a little stressed?

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Would getting more information about acid reflux help?

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