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Anyone got any good tablet recommendations?

Asked by Begeara (376points) October 28th, 2010

I’m the the market for a tablet, mainly for drawing purposes. I’ve gotten into drawing lately and discovered I’m quite good at it, however until now I’ve just used printer paper and a number 2 pencil. I’ve got many friends who have tablets they use for drawing and a few of them complain about the brands they use. I’m wondering if anyone has a tablet they can recommend or warn me against?

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I don’t own one yet, but Wacom’s bamboo is the one that was most highly recommended to me when I was asking around.

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I have Wacom’s Bamboo. It’s the Pen & Touch model so that it has both sets of functions. It’s a great, relatively cheap option for someone just starting out with a tablet. Especially since you aren’t sure how much you’ll use it. (People who are starting a business based around one might decide to go with something different since this is a small tablet.)

Also, before you go tablet shopping, I would recommend checking your local Craigslist. I know someone who found a $500 tablet on there for $125.

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I’ve been recommended to get a Wacom and not settle for anything cheaper. There’s a lot of cheap but unreliable rubbish, apparently.
I followed that advice, and got one at A5 size. It was a hefty investment, but I’m still happy with it. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in digital drawing and willing to put some money into it.

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Alright, thanks everyone, I’ll be sure to add those names to my list of things to check out. I’ll mainly be using the tablet for drawing web-comics as me and my friends are starting up a website

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if your just a beginner on the tablet, you should get the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. i bought it and i love it. its $100 i believe and it came with photoshop elemetns

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Yeah I’m leaning towards that =]

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Bloody heck, why is this thing so much cooler than my old trusty Graphire4?

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