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What have you recently learned about yourself or humans in general?

Asked by erichw1504 (26404points) October 28th, 2010

What is the most recent discovery you have made about yourself or just humans in general?

It can be a new strength/weakness you have found, a different emotion you haven’t felt before, or even an elusive mole on your back.

For humans in general it could be something scientific, physical, behavioral, mental, technological, etc…

Has it changed you? What will you do about it? Is it a good or bad thing?

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I recently read a meta-analysis that shows quite definitively that woman are more prone to aggression than men. I will respond by shutting up when my wife tells me to.

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That you just can’t convince some people even when confronted with irrefutable evidence.
Has it changed me? Yes, I will quit arguing or wasting the effort when the point is made and it’s apparent the effort is futile.

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I’ve noticed some people are afraid to be different. They actually realize that they want to explore, but do not take the opportunity simply because of what their peers think, or are afraid to do new things because of ‘what they heard’.

I also used to think that just because our society created a norm, custom, or institution, it was the best and most efficient option. Now I am aware that a lot of these institutions are bogus and inefficient.

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I have learned that I can be concerned about whether the people in my life are happy, and that I would give up happiness because it would somehow make them happy. I never knew that about myself before until this week

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Sometimes people appear much more together when you are getting to know them they later reveal themselves to be. I need to be a little more cautious when befriending someone.

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OK, I know this should be obvious, but many of the most profound revelations are:

It’s virtually impossible to please everybody, but pissing everybody off is very easy.

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I learned that my past smoking was mostly in response to habits and stress when I am around a group of people and need a reason to get away from them for a while. I now understand it was a behavior that I created when my father was dying and I needed to get away from people.
Now that I am no longer smoking, I have to find other ways to deal with the stress of in a group enviroment.
Still haven’t figured that out. But one day at a time.

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@YoBob Very interesting and true statement! Haven’t heard that one before.

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I have just realized how much happier I can be if I don’t put off things I need to get done. The longer I put off something, the more I can slip into bad moods.

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@erichw1504 Indeed, and you just convinced me to start working on an assignment. I was going to do it later, but I’m not doing anything now, so I’ll just do it now :)

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I’ve learned that there are things I don’t feel comfortable sharing even to jellies. I don’t know where I could go where I’d feel comfortable. Weird.

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@Thesexier You apparently like to yell also.

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I have learned that being true to myself is paramount to upholding ones own integrity.

I have learned that it can take years for people to reveal themselves in all circumstance.

I have learned that it is better to walk ones own path alone than in the company of fools.

I have learned that everyone inhabits their own reality and arguing anothers reality is a mission of futility. lol

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Recently I accepted the fact that I am and have been for a majority of my life so far, at the least an existential nihilist

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Over the past year I learned that feeling hurt can make people feel justified in doing horrible things to other people, even people they claim to love.

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@Coloma Regarding walking in the company of fools, at least they can be entertaining provided you don’t take them too seriously. They can also be quite useful as cannon fodder… ;)

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Ship of fools….;-)

Yeah, and….true, they do serve a purpose even if it is merely entertaining. haha

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I had recently learned that most men are actually sensitive beings, who long for tenderness and love just like women.
I am now less afraid of “rough” men, and not expecting more tender men to be “tough”.
In my life, it is a good thing :)

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@Marva Yeah, men will forsake love for a long time after being hurt, but women tend to bounce back better after being hurt.

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Ignorance is bliss.

Ok, I did not learn that recently.

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That I can survive quite happily without about 50% of the tangible belongings I used to own.

Also, Jellies on the internet are much nicer than the ones in the ocean.

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Nothing new but I re-learned how much I am attracted to talent.

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@Blackberry Thank you for agreeing :)

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I recently realized that nobody on Fluther has ever been wrong…

@Simone_De_Beauvoir What kind of talent? Because I’m mad talented. I can stick a match in my mouth and light up like a Jack-O-Lantern. Does that count?

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Everyday I see more and more how confusing people are. A couple weeks ago I wanted to test how trustworthy my “buddy” was. I told her a fake secret and sure enough she told many people it. In the same day she told people she apologized to me and I forgave her. Today she puts her new plush dog in my face and told me it’s name. I warned her to get it out of my face and she didn’t. I grabbed the thing and threatend to rip it’s ears off and she’s all pissed off at me. People are so damn confusing! Oh well.

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We’re mostly ignorant appathetic sheep who stigmatise the pockets of enlightened openminded individuals as ‘conspiracy theorists’

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I have learned that life is short and that its tougher than I thought..
that dreams only come true when you actually go get them, when young I thought that wishing it would happen and that is such a false thought…
That you can love but it means nothing unless someone loves you back…
Being a mom is about teaching your daughters how to love themselves and just being a good listening shoulder…
I really want to win the LOTTO, and I am tired of being broke..
That is all I will share, lol

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@Pazza Don’t worry, most of us only use “conspiracy theory” to denote dingbats who accept nonsensical, unsupported, baseless versions of events while ignoring mountains of evidence to the contrary. I’ve never met a “conspiracy theorist” that acutally objectively examines facts. They basically just hold the silliest beliefs imaginable and then characterize the people that point out the logical fallacies in them as ignorant, appathetic sheep…

Oh! I get it!

I learned that Pazza is a conspiracy theorist!

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No matter how hard I try, even after all these years, I will never understand how some people can do the things they do.

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I have no clue…I haven’t learned anything about myself…Or not that I think I have at least. But the people…People suck!! that’s sorta all I have to say. No offense to anyone out there….

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@crazyivan LOL, I’m also attracted to humor.

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Because they can’t help themselves, it’s just their level of, or lack of development.
Trying to figure out crazy people makes you crazy. lol

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people are mostly fickle.

it can be good- or bad.

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The most interesting thing I learned about humans (and about food) lately is why TOAST tastes so good. It’s called the Malliard reaction.

“The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between an amino acid and a reducing sugar, usually requiring the addition of heat. Like caramelization, it is a form of non-enzymatic browning. The reactive carbonyl group of the sugar interacts with the nucleophilic amino group of the amino acid, and interesting but poorly characterized odor and flavor molecules result. This reaction is the basis of the flavoring industry, since the type of amino acid determines the resulting flavor.

In the process, hundreds of different flavor compounds are created. These compounds in turn break down to form yet more new flavor compounds, and so on. Each type of food has a very distinctive set of flavor compounds that are formed during the Maillard reaction. It is these same compounds that flavor scientists have used over the years to create artificial flavors.

Although used since ancient times, the reaction is named after the chemist Louis-Camille Maillard who investigated it in the 20th century.”

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Making toast now.

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@GeorgeGee Wanting to make toast now.

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I like butter and blackberry or raspberry jelly on my toast.

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I like Blackberry jelly…wipe those dirty thoughts out of your head right now! lolol

Seriously..I’m a blackberry girl all the way…you should all be so lucky as to sample my apple blackberry pies! hahahaha Not to toot my own berry, but…;-)

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Once you go blackberry, you never go back.

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OMG….lolololol, funny!

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@Vincent_Lloyd I’m with you. People suck!

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People do not suck. Space sucks.

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Space sucks?

What kinda space, outer space, inner space, the space between the wall and your chair. Define your use of ‘space.’ lol

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If you are in a pressurized capsule and develop a leak, space will definitely suck both literally and figuratively.

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I have no intention of ever being in a pressurized capsule.

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@crazyivan And I just learned your ignorant…...

damb, I’m such a hypocrite….....

Ps. I personally am very critical, look at all evidence , and then try to make my own mind up based on the available facts. Hense why I loath the label that is couloured bright pint on the luminous box known as ‘THE CONSPIRACY THEORIST’.

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I just learned last night that even though someone seems to hate you It’s not always that way.

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I’ve learned that nothing is ever ‘personal’ and I mean NOTHING!

Even if someone shoots you in the head, not personal, it is about them, not you!

Once you really get this fact it becomes easy to let go of negative influences and energies without the need to make another bad or wrong.

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I’ve learned that despite all the effort I’ve put in to understanding my psyche and my history and motivations, I still can’t explain to myself why I behave the way I do.

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That brainwashing can turn human into beasts.

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That beasts can turn humans into brainwashers.

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That starching your shirt is over rated.

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