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How often do you use the "Share Question" function?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) October 28th, 2010

I honestly didn’t even notice it until a couple of weeks ago. And even then, I really only share questions with Jellies who I know in person, because I feel I know them well enough to understand what they might want to see.

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I’m pretty sure the only time I ever use it is to send stupid interestingly-worded questions to Sarcasm.

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I’ve only used it once and it was to send a question about the police force to johnpennington.

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I never noticed it until you just pointed it out.
I’m right on top of things.

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Never have and just did for the first time!

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I’ve used it, and have no idea if it worked or did any good. I also have no idea what it looks like on the receiving end. Does it turn into a PM or go to the e-mail address listed? Both times, it was sent to someone with an account, so I’m assuming it was a PM.

@erichw1504 One message I sent was also to JP.

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I haven’t used it once

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Not very often. I use it to send questions that I believe certain people could answer.

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Virtually never.

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I probably use it at least once per day. I want to make sure people get great answers from the experts that know the proper answer.

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At least zero times.

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I’ve used it a few times, especially if it’s something really interesting eyes roll that I think Supermouse would want to see.

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I have never used it. :\

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I use it from time to time if I know someone will be knowledgeable or interested (or sometimes to katawagrey if it’s an “OMG! Look at this!” kind of thing.)
@Pied_Pfeffer : When you see it in your “Questions For You” list it says it was “sent by so and so”

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Approximately on no account

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Somewhere between never & what’s the share question thingy!?!

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I never knew it existed until someone shared a question with me once. I haven’t used it.

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I used to use it more often when a friend of mine was on the site; I knew what his areas of interest and expertise were.

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I never have but have had quite a few shared with me.

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No, but I have sometimes alerted another user when there is a question they might like, by using PM.

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I used it last night. And I use it when it might help. But that isn’t often. It is still a nice feature.

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I always forget we have that feature << BAD MOD and end up sending question links via PM when I want to share one.

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@worriedguy and I tested it out on each other. It’s awesome! It’s much easier than sending a PM. The only downside is that the person you want to send it to needs to be in your Fluther group. Then again, maybe it will encourage people to add more Jellies.

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