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What to do with pumpkin guts?

Asked by Iclamae (2409points) October 28th, 2010

I tried to search fluther for the answer first but couldn’t find anything.

I know everyone’s going to say roast pumpkin seeds. Do you have a tasty recipe for that and do you know of anything to do with all the pumpkin stringyness? Is there anything for that?

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Use them to make something like this.

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Pepitos (roast pumpkin seeds) are very easy to make.

Wash your seeds well, slap them on a lightly oiled cookie sheet, sprinkle on a little salt, and bake in a 350 oven until golden brown.

As for me, This year I intend to use my pumpkin guts as a part of the display. Something like this

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I roast pumpkin seeds and leave the stringy stuff on them. I mix worchestire sauce with some real butter and salt. Then you stir the stringy stuff with the seeds around in it and then bake it until crispy and it is really good.

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I also leave some of the stringy stuff and bake it with the seeds. Oiled and baked until golden brown everything tastes delicious.
I usually bake the seeds while waiting for the trick or treaters that never come.
One of the disadvantages of living on a sparsely populated, dead end road without street lights or sidewalks.

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Do you have a dog or a kitty or both? Cook some of it and feed it them. Not too much, though, or else they will get the squirts. They love it!

Just the guts/mushy part. Not the seeds!

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Have them pouring out of a carved pumpkins mouth, like jack-o-lantern vomit. Set some empty beer cans around the jack-o-lantern too, lol.

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Here is a lovely recipe for a sweet pumpkin pie.

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I like to roast the pumpkin seeds and the use them to top pumpkin muffins and other pumpkin baked goods. It makes for a little saltiness to the pumpkin sweetness!

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Roast along with the seeds, then mix into a mint and applesauce chutney

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Great answers guys. :)

But those pie recipes actually use the flesh of the pumpkin, after it’s removed.

Also, if anyone else is interested, I found this recipe for soup lovers: sooooup

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You can roast the seeds on a backing sheet. You can steam the non stringy part called the flesh to in pies or to just eat like squash.

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I toss them into the garden to grow more pumpkins!

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Or you can throw them at your neighbor you don’t like!

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