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What is the greatest question of all-time here on Fluther?

Asked by weeveeship (4632points) October 28th, 2010

Based on the total # of GQs…

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I love how the top question of all time was asked by someone that never asked a second question.

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Yeah, but this question will have those beat in no time!

Could you hear my eyes rolling?

It is almost impossible to know what having most GQs means. Of course, that won’t stop me from venturing an opinion or two. /:P In the first case @timtrueman mentioned, it meant that it was the quirkiest question ever. Unfortunately, it’s not a situation that would be allowed to happen ever again. That is a loss, but it does make the quality of the ensuing discussions here higher.

The other question is the sentimental favorite. I mean, who doesn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling when they read that question? It’s just so dramatic. But it’s value is not really related to the question itself, but rather to the story that developed after the question. Once again, I’m not sure they’d allow that kind of question again.

What no one ever asks is for people to suggest criteria by which we could judge the value or merit of a question that is serious. Then you could see what serious question has the most GQs. And you could create other categories, too—best stories, elicited, most emotions generated (I know, these are like the ones that are on top, but I think it is different in an ordinary situation), most fun game, or whatever.

Or you might ask what are the top ten or top twenty questions with the most GQs, just to see what people like, or are willing to say they like, over time.


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@timtrueman quite likely to change? I can’t imagine another queston getting 168 GQs.

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@chyna …quite likely that the winner and the runner up could swap positions since they are only four GQs apart.

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I don’t think they are accepting more GQs on those questions. But maybe I heard that wrong.

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There are some great questions referenced on this thread started by Andrew

I especially get a chuckle out of the one referenced by Astrochuck which was asked by girlofscience.
Can you give permission for someone to have sex with your dead body in your will?

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I haven’t asked it yet! :¬)

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As far as plain silly goes this question comes to mind:, but really it is more about the answers making me laugh.

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