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How can I find out what people are paying for new Jeeps?

Asked by muddyh2o (108points) April 2nd, 2008

There are a gazillion websites which show invoice prices, et cetera. That’s not what I need…

I want to buy a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X, and I want to know what other people are actually paying for these cars. Where can I ask / research?

or I want to know exactly how low I can push a dealer on price and still get them to sell me the Jeep.

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You should be able to build and find your MSRP at the Jeep site (I drive a Jeep) Then, knowing your MSRP you can expect to pay 10% less? I believe you can work dealers for this.

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Just do this….

Pick out three Jeep Dealerships that have the Jeep you want. Go to the first one and tell them to write down the absolute lowest price they can give you for the Jeep you want. Tell them to write it down on their business card and sign it. Then leave. Go to the second place, show them that business card and see if they can beat the first price. Tell them to do the same, write the price on the business card, have them sign it. Then go the third place do the same thing again. Then you have a courtesy to go back to first place show them the lowest price to see if they can beat it. Then that is all. Buy it at the lowest price.

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depending on the type of vehicle they usually can negotiate a really low price

hearkat's avatar also tells what people in your region are paying, as well as the operating expenses of the vehicle.

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