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How could you make a revolving disk for a garage floor so that people don't have to turn their car around after pulling in?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10243points) October 28th, 2010

If I had a garage I would want to pull in the garage, then as I walk in the house, push a button, and turn the car around. Now how do would I do it.

Anyone got one of these?

Like a spinning showroom display, but not.

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I’m sending them an email to see if they’ll do it, and how much it would cost.

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Be warned that it will not be cheap. Comparing it to the costs of home improvement and CNC equipment, you may want to sit down before reading the estimates.

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There is a company called Smart Stage that sells revolving disks for displaying model cars (like the kind you see at car shows and car museums). They might be able to help you here

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That’s pretty darn cool!

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This might be okay if a person only had a Smart Car. but, what if you owned one of the 70s big Buick Electras? it would take half the house to turn that baby completely around.

If you have money to burn, then build the house AROUND the rotating garage floor.

Just one question….......why?

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“Just one question….......why?”

We have people near us who built an entire rotating house! I think the answer is “because you can.”

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I will teach you how to back into your driveway for 50$ USD.

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Allotted parking space in a conventional garage is a rectangle. In order to rotate a car, you need a square, because you’re making a circle. In order to rotate a car, you would turn a conventional 2 car garage into a single car garage, or have to build a three car garage in order accommodate two cars.

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The ones I have seen are in California and are just in front of the garage on the driveway pad. The car is rotated and then backed into the garage. If you have the space to build the turntable, you have the space to turn around manually in my opinion.

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@crisw I got to visit a rotating house when it was being built by the designer in New Zealand. It was small-ish sort of a prototype thing, but it was really cool… I asked all sorts of questions about plumbing and power mains, but he wouldn’t answer me, telling me it was proprietary information. I just laughed and apologised.

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I once saw a movie or tv show that had a revolving driveway in front of the house/garage. I think it was Modern Family, but I’m not sure.

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@JLeslie Yes, it was on an episode of Modern Family last year.

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If I had room I, and was too lazy to back up, I would put a garage door on the back of the garage and leave that way.

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@patamomma here, here

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@crisw your first link, they replied: from $28k. I like the two door solution…scratch the revolving platform.

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