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For guys, which shoes/belt combo go with navy pants... black, brown or something else?

Asked by kevbo (25634points) April 2nd, 2008

Neither seems to look right to me. When I had a pair of oxblood colored shoes and belt those worked the best, but I’m not going to be buying those again anytime soon.

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I like black and navy. Others would say that doesnt match but I think it does, and looks classy for men.

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I only wear black shoes and a black belt when I want to be formal. If I wear navy pants to work, I wear brown shoes and a brown belt. it took me some time to get used to it, because it doesn’t look quite right, but I think the key is getting the right shade of brown.

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Either is ok. I think your shirt color would decide black or brown?

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Riser, you are killing me with anticipation…

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I’m afraid it isnt just about the pants. Depending on the occassion both are appropriate. If you are wearing contrasted polo I would suggest brown. If you are wearing a matching suit black is fine. The key to remember is contrast. The more contrast your outfit the more important is for your shoes to also be contrasted.

You can dress up a tieless button up shirt by choosing a soft light blue long sleeve shirt with black shoes because they are the same color just a different value.

Likewise a white suit jacket (preferably double breasted) can become more casual with brown because the strong contrast is there.

Hope this helps

P.S. If you are dressing in vintage clothes from 1850 – 1960 you could wear brown shoes with just about any suit and it was not considered dressing down.

P.P.S. Try mixing values of brown. I recommend going light, in color on the shoes

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wow. iPhone mistakes galore. Sorry folks.

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I was once told by my boss never to wear black and blue together. Other than it reminding me of a bruise, I’m really not sure why but that’s 2 cents from my old boss!!!

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Black and blue used to be taboo, but now that has fallen by the wayside. Like silver and gold together. I did a little looking into this, and it seems that whichever you choose is fashionably OK. As long as the brown shoes are dark (nearly black, not like a khaki color) they will be fine. Black shoes are always OK to wear with navy. I’m not a guy, but when I wear a navy skirt, I pair it with black boots or shoes. I think if I were you, I’d go with the black shoes and belt.

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I like black with blue—unexpectedly fresh looking.

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I’m onboard with the brown belt/shoes, unless it’s a very dark navy. Then, go with the black.

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Black looks like you’re trying to follow the the rules.
Brown means you actually know what the rules are.

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black or cordovan go with navy slacks. Brown accessories would clash in a horrible way.

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@kevbo, judging by majority, the short answer to your question appears to simply be, “Yes.”

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blue and brown… But then again I am a middle class guy/father/husband with no degree of fashion.

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Black, then brown. both are good.

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