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Do you "tell it like it is"?

Asked by MissA (7391points) October 29th, 2010

It seems that many folks believe that they’re “telling it like it is”, when they’re really
“telling it as they see it”.

What is your opinion?

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LOL. A lot of the time when I’m about to “tell it like it is” you’ll know it’s coming because I’ll preface what I’m about to say with something like “The way I see it is this:” and then I lay it down and let ‘em have it. :-)

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I think all they can tell is as they see it. I don’t think anyone has an accurate apprehension of Reality, assuming there even is such a thing. Perhaps the sages and holy men who know the ancient secrets and hold the keys to eternal wisdom can see it as it is, but I don’t think any of them has ever succeeded in telling it. That’s what the word “ineffable” is for. So I always hear that expression as “telling it like [as] I think it is.”

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I try to avoid saying anything that will make people uncomfortable.

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The way I see itISlike it isto me…

I could definitely put a dash of tact into my arsenal of interpersonal relationship skill sets.

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There’s a time and place for that. I have bitten my tongue many times at work when politics or religion comes up.

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YOU? Bite your tongue when it comes to religion @Blackberry? Hahahahahahaha!

now I’ve heard it all

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I’m in a world of my own most of the time, so dont think I could ever really ‘tell it like it is.’
I haven’t a clue. I just blab my own thoughts and go from there..

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Yes. Almost to a fault. It’s been said that I have no tact.

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I tell it like it is even if it might just be how I see it followed by a coconut creme pie to make sure there is no confusion in the matter. I have gone through a lot pies lately and blame this pesky election!

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@RealEyes Yes…at work….:)

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Telling like it is may make you feel better or more superior but it will not help your personal relationships.

My older sister prized herself on being “brutally honest”. She hurt so many people that in her town, population 30,000, she became known as the mean lady. Most of the family didn’t really want to talk to her either.

I only give my opinion if it is asked of me and then I have to consider who is asking and why.

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“Telling it like it is”... LIKE IT IS! Damnit!

And, get over it. ;-)

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Hah! Before I saw the whole question, I was already thinking of my response, which was: Well, at least how I see it, but I try to leave room for the other viewpoints. I want to have an open mind and am always aware that my lens of perception is dfferent from that of someone else.
I try not to be married to any ideas too much. This is called learning. One never can truthfully say that one knows it all, and anyone who believes themselvs to be at a point where someone cannot teach them something has stopped growing. One can learn something that can set everything one “knows” at naught and it can come from the most unlikely source.
So yes, I am blunt and straightforward. I don’t sugarcoat things. If you want sugarcoatng, go buy a doughnut. But I also know that I am fallible, so show me where I’m in error. I’ll say “Thank you for educating me.”

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HILARIOUS – I was going to say “I think most people are really telling it like they see it” until I read your details.

I completely agree with you. I have never claimed to be “telling it like it is,” although I’ve made my fair share of assumptions about what people mean when they say certain things, as much as I try not to.

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I tell it like I see it, if I’m asked or pushed to say at all. I will usually tell based on my observations/experiences and then say how I think it should be.

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Like most other people on this thread, I also was going to say that people who “tell it like it is” only tell it like it is according to them. I stay away from the phrase because it claims that your view of reality is superior to all others – which, while most people think their view is superior, adapting that attitude of superiority doesn’t help you win over anyone.

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I tell it the way I think it is,based on experiential education and metaphysical laws of the universe, which govern reality.As new ideas present themselves,I discern,rather than blindly accept.
Sometimes,I’ll just yank your chain ;)

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don’t threaten me with a good time!

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I’ll threaten you with meatloaf instead! ;)

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as long as there is chain yanking involved, you got a deal!

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I tell it like it is without a single missing detail. Or at least I think and hope so.

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I almost have to. in case I’m asked to recall a segment it’s really the only way I can keep details right. I see what is there.

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I do indeed and I believe it is the only way to be, if “all the cards are on the table” so to speak then you will never get caught up in any lies or drama… and you can be confident that if nothing else at least you made everything and who you are be known from the get go!!

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I simply have a problem with “telling it like it is”. One can only know their take on it…their perspective. In my way of thinking, the only bona fide way to preface the thought is something like, “The way I see it…”

It seems to have become a habitual trendy catch phrase, much like the preface, “Well, I’ll tell you what.” As if some grandiose fact is coming down the pike. As soon as I hear that one, I immediately know that whatever is going to be said, doesn’t deserve that sort of entrance into the conversation.To me, it waters down whatever the speaker is about to say.

It’s interesting, isn’t it?

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@MissA And that’s why V killed Lewis Prothero. He just couldn’t stop telling people “what he knew”.

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I’m not sure about your correlation. I’m aware of the film, though I have not seen it. Thanks for your opinion..

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@MissA It’s a stupid joke. He’s a minor characters of the evil henchman variety, and he’s The Voice of London, having a pundit job on the news channel, and he repeatedly says “I’ll tell you what I know”, followed by some vile rant. And then our hero kills him.

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Sorry to be a stick in the mud…but, I hadn’t seen the movie. Now you know how boring I am!

Thanks, papaya girl.

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@MissA that is right on the money. By the way it is usually directed at people they don’t like.

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