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Top 5 things on your list..?

Asked by sweetlinandrew (7points) October 29th, 2010

What are the top 5 things on your shopping list this festive season..?

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They all want cash.

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I would love:

a camcorder (My son was born 9 weeks ago- I would love to capture all of his “firsts”)
gift cards for dinners out
new towel rods for my bathroom
a new interesting biography
a “sing-a-ma-jig” for my son (I think they are so cute!)

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All I want is a George Foreman Grill. That is all I want.

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Gas for mower
A woman ( just for a weekend or two )

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@ChazMaz So…can I volunteer to be your ‘hit it and quit it’ woman? XD

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Any time! :-)

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I would like
iPod Touch
To relocate
New violin
A poster of something i love

i’d be damned if any of that really happened though.

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1. Get mom a laptop computer.
2. Sister gets cash.
3. AK47 for bf.
4. Bark collars for dogs.
5. Something sparkly for me.
*not that this will happen but it’s my top choices list

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This is what I’m giving to friends and relatives:
Framed photos of my little nephew (my first and only one)
Home made cookies and quickbread
Books (novels, cookbooks and photo books depending upon who it’s for)
Gift cards (everyone in my circle loves Starbucks)
Glitter glue (to make holiday cards with my little nephew)

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Family to be well in health

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That is more along the lines of what everyone will actually be getting. I’m planning on cooking like a fiend for Thanksgiving Day and also the December holidays. Little notes of their favorites dishes are bunched up at the bottom of my handbag.

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1. I want my oldest son to get the job he is being considered for.
2. I want my youngest to get a job
3. I want the job my oldest grandson has to be extended to full time/permanent
4. I want my number two grandson to get a job
5. I want my husbands job to remain as stable as it seems right now.

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I’m not a scrooge. I’ll put up lights and wish everybody a Merry Christmas but I completely lost my appetite for the consumer aspect of the season after this.
It still horrifies me. I don’t understand how it could happen. So now, if I give anything, it’s a charitable donation to Heifer International or Central Asia Institute and I want only the same in kind in return.

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