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Are you proud of where you live, or where you're from?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) October 29th, 2010

In other words: Are you proud to say you’re from where you’re from, or live?

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Born and raised in the Windy City which is really one of the truly great cities of the world. It really has the best of the best to offer. I now live outside the city yet not my first pick of places to live in the world but I do like where I live. It is pretty and a cozy place to be with nothing to be ashamed of in the least.

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I come from a really small town. My high school is best known for having an extremely successful FFA (future farmers of America) chapter and producing shitloads of homemade maple syrup. When I went off to college at a tech school, these are certainly not the sorts of things that impressed my peers! I would joke about going to high school in the middle of a corn field (not an exaggeration), but really, I’m increasingly appreciative of the agricultural way of life, and I think it’s pretty cool in a way that my high school had such a successful agricultural department. Would I admit that out loud, though? Maybe not. ;)

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I’m from a small town in Oregon, although I am familiar with Portland somewhat and Salem. I like Oregon because it is very liberal and the attitude is seen in its people, including me.

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I’m proud of where I live. It’s a city with a bit of an inferiority complex, which I think is weird. I guess the city leaders want to increase tourism, so they have to talk things up. But I have a different attitude. The opposite attitude, in fact. I don’t want people to move here because I think that will screw it up. At least, too many people would.

We actually have lots of unknown world class artists. We are doing cutting edge work. We have our own interests and personalities and interests that do not follow the national and international trends, but because we don’t get the spotlight, no one else knows.

Part of me wants us to be known, but part of me likes being in a supposedly backwater city, knowing how much is really going on here. I’m proud of all that we do.

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I wouldn’t say that I am proud of where I live/am from but, for the most part I like where I am live/am from and I appreciate certain things that are connected with this part of the country/world.

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I love the Southern United States, particularly the great state of Texas.

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Originated in Zambia, currently living in Denmark.
I am proud to be Zambian, but it really pisses me off when people think everyone is Africa starves! – Arrrrg people read about the countries and don’t always believe what you see in for example some tribe who are naked and then you think everyone in Africa doesn’t wear clothes.
I am happy with Denmark, but I don’t like the fact that there is so much discrimination.

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i love pennsylvania. and we all know pittsburgh is way better than philly so yes. fist pump!

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@deni come on now! How is Pittsburgh better than Philly?

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Yes, I’m very proud of my state, Mississippi. It’s the best kept secret in America. We are last in everything except nice people. I’m worked in most of the states in the USA and the people here are the best.

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NYC – how could I not be proud? On a personal level, NYC just fits with me.

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I’m proud of originally being from Nevada (the second-greatest state next to California), despite the negative connotations people have of it (gambling and prostitution). Of course, prostitution is illegal in Clark County (where I’m from) and many people don’t realize that behind all the glitz and glamor, there are regular normal families with normal lives living there.

And I am also proud of living in California (the greatest state in the country) and especially the Bay Area, which I consider a near-perfect place. Just saying “San Francisco” or “Stanford University” makes most people have positive thoughts :D Except for the fact that it’s too damn crowded here…

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Lindenhurst, Long Island. New York

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For it’s history Yes!! My Town began as a Saxon settlement over one thousand years ago, circa 650…
yeah I’m chuffed to bits, although I have no religious beliefs I’m also proud of the fact that our church is one of the oldest in the district, it has a fine tower of AD 1000. & a late 7th century grave marker from the church is now in the British Museum ;-)
how do you like them apples??

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@Scooby – Do you live in your past relatives home?

I have a friend that is from France.
When he goes back to visit family. He stays at his childhood home that has been in the family for over 300 years.

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Yep! :-)


No, my house was built in 1974 I’ve been here like…six years now :-/

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I agree with @DominicX concerning Nevada. I grew up there too and I hated when I traveled and everyone assumed my father worked at a casino. Other children would actually ask me if I lived in a casino! Sure, and everyone that lives in Alaska hunts seals and lives in igloos. :/

Nevada is a beautiful state. You can snow ski, then water ski all in one day!

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Neither really apply to me. I was born in state my parents were “passing through”. My parents flipped houses for my grandfather’s brokerage and we moved several times a year, several towns, different parts of the state. The only thing that feels like “where I’m from” are the three states I spent the most time.

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I am born and raised Oakland California. A lot of people trash talk Oakland, to which I defend it. There are bad areas, but also wonderful areas. I hella love it.

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I’m pretty proud of Canada and our policies, our willingness to lend a hand.

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Nope, I’ve only lived in one city that I was proud of and that is Santa Barbara. I miss it all the time.

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No. The woods are contaminated with chemicles. The people act all nice but half of them are pedophiles. But I still like it even though I’m not proud of it! Oh yes and one certain person likes to chase little girls down the road with a knife. Long crazy story.

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Yes, because we explore our country’s history without constraints and this helps us shape a better future.

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@mattbrowne: I like that spin!

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