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What is this grey residue inside my stainless steel canisters?

Asked by mistic84 (259points) October 29th, 2010

I recently bought some new stainless steel canisters to store loose tea leaves in. I washed it and then dried it out with a paper towel. I looked at the paper towel and sponge and noticed some grey residue. What is it and how do I get rid of it?

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Send a sample and $250, and I’ll run some tests.

Perhaps they are metal filings from the manufacture of the canisters. Check them with a magnet.

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Mechanical polishing produces the gray residue. “This discoloration on the wipe is classified as polishing debris consisting of ground-in stanless steel particles and abrasive residue.”

“Hand wiping removes the majority of the residue, but can require multiple treatment efforts with hot water washing cycles between wiping efforts.”

Source Page 12.

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Go to a Dollar General Store, back in the laundry detergent section, and look for a bottle of Awesome. its a gold color. directly from the bottle, pour about a half cup of Awesome into each canister. swish it around inside with a brush. let it sit for about 15 minutes. add about a cup of warm water and scrub the inside all around. rinse with warm water. the residue should be gone. if not, repeat the process again. Awesome works great to clean stainless steel coffee decanters inside.

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I have come accross it in a pot. I can’t trust it. I would complain to the manfacturer/seller. There should be no residue. It shouldn’t be a question of how to get rid of it.

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