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What are some cool/funny seafaring songs to help wile away the time on a boat?

Asked by ucme (45421points) October 29th, 2010

Yeah i’m going on a friends boat this weekend in the idyllic sun drenched North Sea…..yeah right!!! Now, I haven’t really got my sea legs, been a while as it happens. I reckon to help stave off any sea sickness I should sing out loud & proud as many songs as I can possibly think of. I’m Popeye the sailor man, A poirates loife for me, that Titanic shit… farts will go on, whatever. Anyway yeah, thought i’d ask for your help in this delicate yet crucial task. Got any boaty songs then?

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Having spent a great deal of my life on boats I can almost guarantee that as soon as you start singing, seasickness will no longer be an issue. Hypothermia will replace it because you will be bobbing about in the North Atlantic admiring the transom of your friends’ boat as it moves rapidly away from you.
Have yourself some fun!!! :-)

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I have always played Stevie Ray Vaughan tunes on my boats :)
Not exactly pirate songs but that’s ok

I just thought of this one for you

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Get thee to and listen to Stan Rogers. And maybe some of Gordon Lightfoot’s sailing-based stuff.

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Here’s one from the Animaniacs (a funny animated cartoon from the 90’s) singing a song about Magellan

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Aww, cheers shipmates! I reckon after a beer or four we’ll all be singing this little beauty!! A good time will be had by all no doubt :¬)

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Row row row your boat gently down the stream…........x500. By the time you’ve sung this over and over, either you will be at your destination or thrown up overboard!

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@filmfann Quint an excellent suggestion, “here’s to swimmin with bow legged women.”
@SuperMouse Love the wanna go home hint with the Beach Boys song! Maybe you’ve hit the nail on the head right there :¬)

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