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What is the worst pain you have ever endured?

Asked by cornman (737points) April 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I have been fighting a toothache for over a week now. As much as it hurts, I dong think of even compare to a kidney stone I had years ago.

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Toothache!!! I had a nasty one a few years ago and, luckily, nothing has compared to it since. I feel for ya, cornman! Get to a dentist and hang in there!!!

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i had a headache so bad once i couldn’t move. just had to lie still with my eyes closed and teeth clenched. it was horrible. turned out i was dehydrated.

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A ruptured ovarian cyst. It’s like a bomb going off in your pelvis.

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Surgery on my little toes on both feet at the same time! I never felt so much pain in my life. I was fine when I came home, but as soon as the novocain wore off. I thought I was going to die! Apparently, I was telling my parents to shoot me and don’t remember because I was so drugged out on Vicodin.

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childbirth. I’m a man.

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getting my wisdom teeth out suprisingly

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about a year ago, i was helping out my sister and her husband put a car on a dolly. long story short it fell and caught my finger. before i saw it felt like a paper-cut, on the way to the hospital i just wanted to pass-out! if it wasn’t for my sister being pregnant freaking out and my cigarette i’m sure i would have.

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@blippio are you this man?

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I had a root canal yesterday and the swelling from the infection is going Dow therefor decreasing the pain. With the kidney stone I wanted to die. If the doctors would have suggested breaking my arm with a sledgehammer to make the pain subside I would have let them go for it.

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@erik. Is that a third breast??

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@ sferik- wow. I guess it was only a matter of time

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Natural childbirth. But so worth it.

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fractured my spine playing basketball in junior high. I had to crawl to my mom’s car. I couldn’t hardly move because of the pain.

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Having a wisdom tooth extracted.

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Ruptured colon.

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Constipation or 16 hour long migraine. They were about equal.

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I had an ectopic rupture (a pregnancy lodged in my fallopian tube that burst). When I made it to the emergency room, the doctor decided that I didn’t have time to wait for a pregnancy test – he stuck a needle through my cervix to see if there was blood in my abdomen. Long after the surgery, he thanked me for not kicking him in the face. Had I not fainted at the time, I would’ve.

BYW, that’s also the closest I’ve ever been to dying (my blood pressure was 40). Within 20 minutes of arriving at the emergency room, I was in the surgery suite being put under. Fastest service I’ve ever had.

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I injured my hand and the docs had to give me a series of injections directly into the joints of my fingers with no anesthetic.

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was induced with 2nd child and the worse pain ever wasnt the actual child birth but the breaking of the water with a long knitting needle thing

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I have to agree with childbirth. I told the nurse to stop epidural early so that I can feel the contractions and know when to push. Big mistake that crap goes away quick. Two hours later, after feeling every contraction it was over. It’s been 3 months and I still break out in a sweat when I think of it.

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I was stupid enough to let my boss, a podiatrist, inject my knee with cortisone. He assured me he could do it because a knee is a much larger joint than an ankle, and should be easy to do. Well, it wasn’t. Inserting the needle was hard enough, but when he moved it around trying to find the space where my synovial fluid had built up and he hit the bone. I screamed and passed out. I told him I would much rather give birth to triplets than go through that again.

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I was thrown out of a car and thirty feet in the air. I landed on my feet. It broke both of my ankles and the front off of three vertebra, and shrank my height an inch. That hurt. I also had an appedix problem in highschool. I crawled out of school on my belly and then drove home in a three speed 62 Studebaker, then waited three hours for my parents to get home. Oh, and one time I got bucked off a horse and my brother landed on top of me and broke my arm. That hurt too. Number one was the crash though.

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The ankles still hurt today, but the wait for surgery was incredible. I still shiver at the thought.

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@scamp. Damn! Hearing that makes my teeth feel much better. I’m starting to get light headed thinking of the needle hitting the bone.

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I’m glad to lessen your pain!

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My broken heart…

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I got a fishing hook caught in my hand and I couldnt get it out cause it was to close to the bone so I had to wait with it in my hand for12 hours in the ER to get it removed.

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I have a degenerative joint problem, and have gouges in my ribs to this day from a shoulder dislocation that caused my scapuli to scrape across the back of my ribcage.

There’s not a minute of the day that it doesn’t hurt, even now.

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There is worse already, but the worst pain I’ve ever encountered was a migraine that continued for 8 days, despite medication. Days 7 and 8 were okay, thanks largely to the Vicodin, but the rest of it was pretty hellish.

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i was playing on my rugby team in my junior year and a huge girl on the burbank team we were playing against plowed right into me. she drove me right into the ground, i fell on my wrist and heard a snap. broken. that hurt pretty bad. i was walked to the side of the field and my coach put ice on it and then said i couldnt stay and watch (theres an unspoken law in DHS rugby that if theres no blood you have to stay out of the games) and then i had to go to the ER covered in mud.

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Geez! You poor things! I just want to hug everybody!!!

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I got the “bends” aka decompression sickness. I can’t even begin to explain the pain….I have had a kidney stone, wisdom teeth removal, broken bones, nose broken and surgery, full thickness burns and an ingrown toe nail removed with no pain killers but by far the bends was the worst pain ever.

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i see a few people here talking about how much it hurt when they had their wisdom teeth removed, but when i had mine taken out i felt hardly any pain. i guess im just lucky. i didnt even have to take the vicodin the doc gave me.

BUT the nurse did freak me out with the video they made me watch. they actually showed the surgery being done and talked about all the horrible things that could go wrong before they actually do the surgery. i started crying because i was so scared and they had to give me “happy juice.” within a minute i was bumping into walls and stepping on peoples feet but the juice worked – no more panicking.

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child labor… 23.5 hrs, ‘nuff said.

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In the navy, I was having an ingrown toenail removed. The doc gave me two shots, then left. The nube jr. doc came right back in, grabbed some scissors, jammed them under my toenail, cut it in two, then ripped both sides off. I was pretty much in shock from the pain, and the doc came back in, looked at me, smacked the nube and yelled at him, the came over and started trying to give me a shot of some kind of pain killer. He was apologetic and saying how sorry he was, but man that hurt for days. I can see why it is used as a torture.

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Sadistic, regular beatings and whippings from my mother’s husband, THE TURD.

I wish I knew where he was buried, so I could dig up his worthless remains and desecrate them in some way that can’t be described here…

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