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So when do you think the economy will crash?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) April 2nd, 2008

I think it will be today.

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it’s not going to crash.
we might be in a recession and head into a trough, but I don’t think we’ll “crash”.
there’s safe guards for that these days . . .

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I agree with ishotthesherriff, recession is inevitable, but complete failure? The stimulus payment this year may help, but growth is predicted in the second half of the year. There’s a glimmer of light in that, but we’ll see if it brightens.

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“The” economy will not crash. Perhaps the US one will (and it will get over it eventually), but it’d take a world disaster that’s not just economical (e.g. a third world war) to crash all world economies.

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I think it’s bottomed out, and we’re on the way up. Which is not to say that there are not thousands and maybe more who will still lose their homes, and others who will lose lots of money in their investments. So, it’s not just fine, it’s just that I think we have seen the bottom of this particular round of unbridled greed.

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It’s just a recession. And the things about a recession is that it can’t be declared until we’ve pulled out of it and moved on.

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The economy is only as good as people think it is. If investors are convinced that the dollar is strong then we will be headed in the right direction

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no, there’s more to the economy than just thinking it’s “good” or “healthy”
and you know you’re in a recession by following the business cycle. . . (peak, contraction, trough, expansion)
I believe the current economical state of the US is a contraction, and it has been for nearly 6 months (and by the 6th month mark it will officially be a recession). after that the economy goes into a “trough”, which is what we need to pull out of as quick as possible to avoid a depression (unlikely, and a recession over 16 months until it technically becomes a “depression”)
the state of the economy is more than just opinion

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A recession is an economic downturn for two consecutive quarters. It’s past that. I doubt the (US) economy is going to crash. And I think that this stimulus package that’s coming out will most likely be spent on paying bills and thereby not helping our economy at all. It needs to be spent to help.

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I definitely agree with you on the stimulus package ordeal

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it will crash, and then NAFTA will emerge

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After the summer and elections I think things will go back to normal, or at least a little better. But fail? I don’t think so. We’re just in modern day depression really, or close to it? Didn’t Bush start it? (Note I didn’t say continued it.)

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People are just not buying things and saving up money, and I think that’s also becoming a problem in the economy. If people don’t buy, then why should you sell? I saw a 5 dollar individual pen today (thats crazy.) It wasn’t anything fancy either.

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