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What is the difference between the facial treatments "Thermage" and Titan"?

Asked by evp724 (14points) April 2nd, 2008

both are collegen stimulating facial treatments, performed by a dermotoligist or cosmetic specialist.

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The Titan face lift thermal profiles are similar to thermal profiles produced using the Thermage radio frequency (RF) approach to deep dermal heating, but with some additional capabilities. According to Gollnick, the carefully tailored combination of wavelengths available with the Titan have been shown in tissue models to create significant heating in the dermis at a depth over 3 mm while the epidermis temperature is safely kept below 40C. By modifying the combination of wavelengths, various depths of thermal response can be created. Also, optical power delivery to the dermis and the tissue response to light are straightforward and more easily understood than the interaction of RF energy and tissue, used by Thermage, potentially creating a more repeatable and reproducible result.

This is from the site hope this helped

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