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What really chaps your ass?

Asked by lillycoyote (24835points) October 29th, 2010

No details. I just like saying that. :-)

O.K, I’ll put in a few details. What really annoys you?

Yes kids! It’s time for another cataloging of pet peeves; another round of petty venting and ranting. Something that should be done on a somewhat regular basis, IMHO.

Let your peeve flag fly!

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That dude that keeps spamming us with his ridiculous “question”:

Can anyone help me remember the years 2004/2005, my mind doesn’t work so good anymore, everyone stop being lazy and just get me what I want, and I only want the nice people to answer this question.

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Wanting to Fluther, but nobody’s here!!!!

@FutureMemory Can you help me remember 1999? be nice

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@jonsblond Maybe after i stop getting my smoke on.

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@FutureMemory that will help…lol

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Riding a horse in the rain for long distances.

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Homophobia and Racism and the Supreme Court.

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Wearing leather cowboy trousers whilst going commando. Ouch, stale & flaky buns! :¬)

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Sarah Palin
oh and not running the dishwasher at night.

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Bigots who seek to deny donkeys equal rights really chap my ass.

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All the ladies on Fluther will probably hate me after i post this answer. at first, my wife thought i was being biased against women drivers. now that i have retired and we travel quite a bit, she now understands what i was talking about. she has witnessed my beliefs, herself.

We have observed so many younger women driving reckless, compared to men, on the interstate. they speed, they cut you off and even give you the high sign. its always been my belief that younger women drivers are not directly involved in traffic crashes, but, they actally cause the crashes, as a third party and leave the scene. i was a traffic investigator for seven years. i began to see a pattern in auto crashes. drivers would tell me that a young female driver caused the crash and took off.

I have never understood why young womens auto insurance was always cheaper that young men. maybe, it’s because they never stick around to give the police their information, after causing the crash.

Before you throw sticks and stones at me, let me find some cover.

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When people refuse to not be ignorant even after being educated.

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That coffee cups on film are obviously empty. Nobody flings around a full cup of hot liquid, nor clutches it under their armpit.. it doesn’t make a hollow ‘tink’ sound when put down on a table (nobody would ever slam it down).
For God’s sake, put something in the damned thing or leave it out of the scene!

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@Blueroses Good for you! Nothing is ever so petty and insignificant that one can’t find it annoying. There’s this store in my area called Just Cabinets but they sell tables, chairs and lamps too So… shouldn’t they call the store Not Just Cabinets?, Cabinets and More? or Cabinets Plus; something like that? If they’re going to call themselves Just Cabinets they should just sell cabinets in my opinion. That kind of thing really bugs me. :-)

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@john65pennington I’m not going to agree with you completely without knowing the actual statistics are regarding aggressive driving, accidents, etc. but I will say that, at least on this one road in my area, a long stretch 65 mpg freeway that carries heavy beach traffic, that when I see aggressive drives, the ones weaving in and out of traffic at 80mph more often than not, it does seem to be a young woman.” And two of the most horrific accidents on that road in the past few years, including one that killed everyone of a family of five except for one of the kids, were cause by a woman in her early twenties doing just the kind of aggressive driving I described above. They may have walked away from those accidents without a scratch but they’re both in jail now.

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@john65pennington That seems true based on my road experiences. I don’t need official stats to believe that one. It’s almost like they are unafraid of danger. let’s see, there is always a phone stuck to their heads and they do tailgate and lane jump. My experiences are they are in large vehicles like Explorers. They are mostly blondes with long nails and make up. I never have gotten the finger though. I don’t see how they could physically flip off anyone with everything else they are doing at the same time.I can’t wait till there is a law against using the phone and driving. There will be a lot of cheezed off gals out there getting popped, ( and guys, but mostly gals I bet)

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Rap or hip hop music of any kind. Even worse when it’s coming from a car radio next to me so loud I can’t hear anything else but that.

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I can’t wait till there is a law against using the phone and driving

In California this law already exists.

Unfortunately a lot of people ignore it.

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People claiming to be some sort of professional writer, but then making basic spelling/grammar/style mistakes.

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@FutureMemory I would guess it would start in the blue states but I can see it happening in all 50 soon. They probably get caught when there is a wreck and phone records are checked to see if they were using at that time. Pretty hard to wiggle out of those. In states where they have enough money for cops they might catch more doing it. It’s maddening because people can’t drive and talk at the same time, not really.

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@john65pennington, @FutureMemory and @woodcutter

This is my favorite cautionary tale about driving while you’re on your cell. If you don’t care about anyone else this might make you think twice about it.

The woman had a car accident while driving and on her cell and her severed arm was found nearby, with her cell phone still clutched in her hand. Bet that stopped her.

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@lillycoyote I wonder if she asked someone to retrieve her phone?

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