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How long can the subject/title be in an email? Is there a limit? Does it depend whether it is Gmail, Yahoo etc.?

Asked by flo (11533points) October 30th, 2010

There doesn’t seem to be acccording to one of my emails.

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Any line, including the subject line, should be no more than 78 characters long, and must be no more than 998 characters long, according to RFC 2822.

(RFCs are the things the guys who built the internet used to set the rules.)

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@Dominic Thanks a lot. But I am confused.

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@flo What are you confused about?

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@Dominic I will think about it some more.

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@flo: How many characters do you want to enter in your subject? If you can make the subject as small as that of your description to be entered in the mail compose area, it would be better.

I just checked the character space of subject text box & it’s more than 3000…

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@blinkErri Thank you. Would you send me the link of the page where you found that answer? I want to know about the other boxes as well.

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From @Dominic‘s link, the rule is 998 characters. An email sy

But 78 characters is suggested because many screens and programs do not handle longer lines very well.

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@flo: I entered all 3000 characters in Subject text box. I didn’t know how many characters I was entering, I came to know through Microsoft word. I copied & pasted all those characters in MS word & from there I came to know how many characters I entered by counting the word count.

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@jaytkay @blinkErri Thank you. What do you mean ” counting the word count”.
Would you give me the link by the way?

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What is the version of MS office on your Computer?.
If Microsoft Word 2007, then follow these steps:

1. Enter some characters in the subject text box of gmail or yahoo.
2. Copy all the characters & paste it in Microsoft Word.
3. You can see the number of words entered on the bottom line of your word file.

If you are still garbled, just go through this link.

There is no need to copy-paste the text. You can check by typing the characters directly in word itself.

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@blinkErri Thank you so much.

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