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What should be there, if Fluther organizes “Fluther day”?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) October 30th, 2010

On some day, if Fluther team decide to organize a “Fluther day”,

What should be included/not be included?

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What should be there.
Large statues of Jesus and posters of Sarah Palin toting hand guns, should be at the gathering.
It will get conversations going quickly.
What shouldn’t be there.
Terrorist and the real Sarah Palin toting guns.
__Uhmm, then again the real Sarah Palin can shoot the terrorist and say they thought they were moose from Russia….__

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A very large hot tub for all the Jellies to swim around in.

Pancakes for all and some cake in the frizzer.

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How about some of that guacamole I keep hearing about?

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@janbb Beat me to it.
PANCAKES all around, extra for the mods.

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A good healthy vibrant atmosphere. Wouldn’t want to see negative miserable killjoy types, not conducive see :¬)

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Spam Samwitches… lot’s of em’!

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I’m not sure what should be there, but judging from the stories of my fellow jellies, I would be highly concerned if there was much liquor there. I have a feeling that I’d be the only one who remembered what happened the next day.

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I just want the guacamole pancakes

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A lot of nakey dancing in honor of @augustlan.
A cake in honor of the cake thread, not to be confused with the frizzer question.
Milo in honor of, well Milo.
Dr. J posters and t shirts.

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Mill here; If you send the Lear jet, I will start packing and also working on my stand-up routine.

Please advise.

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A big banner with the word “personally” printed on it to make up for me not being able to be there. As i can’t ever seem to find and alternative to that word and i use it so much, it would be a fitting replacement. you could also use a force field to contain the awesome and prevent it from destroying the local area.

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Cookies. Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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A back nine of all par 3’s with no bunkers!

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If by ‘there’ you mean a physical presence, face to face, I’d love to within an hour or two drive of my house. Online, not so much.

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