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What's a good name for a new political party?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4920points) October 30th, 2010

Use you imagination; it can’t be any worse than the “Rent is too damn high” party.

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U Gotta Fight….For Your Right….To Party

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“You are NOT a dumb ass, and we are NOT trying to brainwash you for some cause that only benefits us politician” party.

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Mediocrity Central

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Background: Washington DC does not have voting power in Congress. It has no Senator. Residents pay taxes, but without representation, even though DC is the Captial of the United States.
Let us rectify this with a party that would put Washington, DC, our Capitol, into the United States!

Or, shorter to make it roll off the tongue, Put A Cap In U.S.!

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The Anti-Incumbent Party- they run on the exact opposite platform of whoever is in power at the time… even if they are currently in power.

The Leavemethefuckaloneitarians- Like the Libertarians, but with less creepy mustache

The Rethuglicans- No longer a cheeky insult thrown around by Mac store Che Guerva-shirt wearing trustafarians. It now refers to this guy’s party. His platform? Free 24” rims for everyone.

The Brotherhood of Steel- Because war… war never changes.

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Ok, I want to play.
How about the “Vote for me cuz I suck less” than the other guy party?

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I still like None of the Above from Brewsters Millions. Sounds about right to me.

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“The Federalist Party”

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Of course there is the Nobody party.

Remember, voters: Nobody has all the answers. Nobody can end this war! Nobody can lower taxes, and Nobody can restore sanity to our foreign policy!

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The Platform Party. Their main goal would be to reform the way campaigns and elections are currently run. No more advertising. No names, even. Every single candidate would have to answer the same set of questions regarding issues of the day, but would only be identified as “Candidate One”, “Candidate Two”, and so on. No party affiliation would be listed. It would force people to vote based on the issues, rather than on personality or along party lines.

I’m dead serious about this, too.

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I’m a fan of the Rent Is Too Damn High party. The video is a must see :)

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Sustainable Development Party.

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