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If you are American and have seen The League of Gentlemen what did you make of it?

Asked by dotlin (419points) October 30th, 2010

I just want to know his the humour translate well?

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I haven’t seen it but no one else has answered so I’‘ll give a shot. As far as I can tell, British humor or humour as you all say :-), seems translate pretty well over here. Shows like Monty Python, Faulty Towers, Absolutely Fabulous and The Benny Hill Show , for examply, have done very well in the U.S. and I’ve alway been a big fan of the Carry On movies.

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I have watched the first couple of seasons because it was recommended by somebody whose opinion I generally trust, but for me it has fewer laugh aloud moments than “what the hell?” moments.

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I love Mark Gatiss more than you can possibly know.

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It’s a local show for local people!

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good grief what is the American fascination with Benny Hill?

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I don’t get the appeal of Benny Hill at all. Bring back The Young Ones, I say!

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Awesome. I thought it was awesome. Even though “the normal guy dropped into the strange environment” is a well-worn trope, this was executed brilliantly. I made sure to get all the work that’s associated with The League of Gentlemen and I’ve not regretted it. And man, they got some people dead-on, like that Pauline bitch. I had to deal with enough people like her when I was on UI, that’s for sure.

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Certain new British comedies are not as good as their popularity would suggest such as Little Britain.

I’m not sure if American’s can watch it on but do if you can.

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@dotlin – The first series of LB was funny, but it got really bad pretty quickly, IMO.

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i m not an american & hvnt seen yet

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