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Does anybody know how to get mold out of the bottom of a water bottle?

Asked by jessifer1212 (491points) October 30th, 2010

I just recently discovered that both of my water bottles have mold growing in the bottom of them. I don’t have access to a dishwasher and I tried washing them out with normal dish soap and it didn’t work at all. I even soaked it over night to see if that would work, but it didn’t at all. Has anybody had to deal with this before, or does anybody just have any ideas?

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You need a bottle brush to thoroughly scrub them, or…you might try adding about a ¼ cup of salt, a wee bit of water and shake vigorously for scrubbing action. lol

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as @Coloma said, you need a bottle brush or something you can get to the bottom. Soak it with antiseptic mouthwash first for a while.

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I’ve used the Alka-Seltzer trick. Fill the bottle with water and drop in 4 tablets, allow to sit for at least an hour and all the mold comes out with the water.
I rinse it with diluted bleach afterward too.

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Bleach, then scrub well, and let it dry completely. But, personally I would throw it out.

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You could try pouring some boiling white vinegar in the bottles (I’m assuming that they’re the stainless steel kind, huh?) and let that sit over night , then rinse.

If they’re steel or plastic, you could also try putting about 2 Tablespoons of baking soda mixed with hot (not boiling for plastic) water and let that sit for an hour or two before rinsing.

I think you could also pour about a teaspoon of regular white rubbing alcohol into a cup of water and pour that in there and swish it around, then make sure to rinse thouroughly.

With each of these ideas, make sure you keep the bottles out of reach of everybody, especially children, while they are soaking. Put a note on them, so adults don’t accidentally drink out of them (thinking it’s just plain water) !!!!! And for this reason, I would NOT recommend using bleach!

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Bleach is perfectly safe to use for dishes if diluted 1tbs/gallon of water. Many restaurants and health care facilities, as well as water companies that reuse 5 gallon water dispenser bottles routinely use this solution for sanitation. Accidentally drinking this dilution would be no more harmful than a mouthful of swimming pool water.
Still, it wouldn’t taste great so the note is a good idea.

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How expensive can a plastic water bottle be?

Toss it(them) and buy a new replacement.

Why bother with mold that might make you sick?

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If the bottle is plastic, throw it away. Buy a safe, reusable bottle

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