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Does the First Spouse have security clearances?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) October 30th, 2010

Does the First Spouse often or always have security clearances so that the president can talk about what’s going on at work with his/her spouse? I’m watching The Event,and President Blair Underwood (I can’t remember the character’s name) keeps debating with his wife what he should do. She knows as much as the Vice President, the Director of the CIA, and a few other top officials – but certainly not the mass public. What about when it’s not a matter of national security, but still a secret – does the president share with his/her spouse then? What’s the policy on this?

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Yes but the lowest level is not really important

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OMG I asked my husband the same thing when I saw the same scene on The Event. I would assume she does, but I have no idea what the correct answer really is.

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@JLeslie Wow, you even know what scene I was watching? Because, damn, he talks with his wife all the time! I also kept thinking, how would you like to be him? Gorgeous body, gorgeous wife, adorable kid, and president? Man, he gives James Bond a run for his sexy money…

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From what I’ve heard, Hillary Clinton did not have any while Bill Clinton was president, so I would doubt many of the others wives actually have security clearance.

I’m sure the president talks to his wife about some things, but he may not actually discuss issues that he isn’t suppose to.

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@papayalily haha, I read too quickly, I guess I don’t know which scene. For me it was when he is talking with his wife about killing the prisoners. He is beautiful.

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@JLeslie Oh. My. GAWD. You knew the scene!!! That’s soooo impressive!

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Lol. Great minds.

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