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How much is "a quarter of heroin"?

Asked by Flavio (1109points) October 30th, 2010

What are the units in which heroin is sold? How about power cocaine? Crack cocaine? I ask this question because last month I admitted a patient who tried to commit suicide by overdosing on heroin and cocaine and i was not familiar with the units he was referring to.

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What do you mean by “how much”? are you talking weight or money.

Not that i have any experience first hand with heroin, but i imagine a quarter means a quarter of a gram. Mainly because it is so strong. In this case it would not cost you hardly anything, i know junkies who can get a full gram for about $10.

If by a quarter it means a quarter of an ounce, then you are talking 7.08 grams (approx). and i would imagine the price being around $50 to $70.

Coke is sold here in grams, and costs about $40 a gram. I have tried coke, and i can tell you that it is totally pointless. At least in my opinion, it is like sucking a lemon when you have a cold. bad taste, numb nostrils, a total waste.

note: i dont live in the usa, where i live all drugs are quite cheap

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Maybe like a “nickel bag of grass” aeons ago [$5.00] A quarter means a quantity purchased for $25.00.

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@Blueroses all those years and the language has remained the same, in spite of inflation! lol

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@anartist Every user I’ve known spends 70% of his time looking for drugs and 20% getting high. That doesn’t leave much time for getting creative with the language. :)

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@ poisenedantidote I wish I could get a gram for 10$. Unfortunatly you are a little off. Tar costs 10$ a point. Which is 1/10 of a gram or a gram for 80$. Ive got it for cheaper bit that’s pretty standard street prices

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Ok first off, the first poster is 100% wrong. I know from personal experience, a quarter is a quarter ounce which is about 7 grams and it goes for about $250–500 dollars depending on the location you are buying from. A gram is about $80—$100 dollars, again based off of location and the dealer you are buying from. A gram is really not that much and some “junkies” can use up to a gram all at one time or it can last about a days worth. Either way it’s not as much as the first poster had described nor is it that cheap. If it was than everyone would be high on heroin

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A quarter refers to a quarter finger =2.5 grams. A finger refers to 10 grams.

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