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How to reinstall dvd drive to my computer?

Asked by elhaha1001 (383points) October 30th, 2010

I accidentally removed my dvd drive from the safely remove device.

The dvd drive doesn’t work, even though i have restarted my computer.

How to make work again?

I’m using windows 7

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What do you mean exactly? have you removed the DVD unit physically from the machine, or are you talking about the device manager in the control panel? I get the feeling it is the latter, but when you say “removed from my computer” it sounds almost like you physically took it out.

Assuming you are talking about the device manager found in the control panel, you need to reinstall the hardware.

here is how:

Go to your start bar, you will see a place you can type. and type “hdwwiz”. this will open up the add hardware wizard.

Once the add hardware wizard is open, press “next”, and then select “choose hardware from list”.

Once the list shows up look for your dvd in the list, then press next and follow the instructions.

If this does not work, you maybe need to install the drivers from a cd or dvd that came with the pc.

If none of this helps, let me know, ill try to help more. and if you mean you physically removed the dvd unit from the pc tower, let me know and ill also try and help. if you have removed it physically, photos will help me help you.

EDIT: you will have to restart the computer after you add the hardware again using the wizard.

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Yes I mean from the device manager. Sorry for the mistype

After the list shows up, I don’t know which one to select.

there seem to be so many list but I can’t find it

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@elhaha1001 Hi again, sorry for the delayed response. i waited 10–15 minutes or so, and when you did not respond and i got a great answer star, i assumed that you had fixed the problem and i went to sleep.

Ok, this is where it gets a little tricky because my computer is in spanish. but yes, when the list shows up, there will not be one that says dvd exactly. it will be a list of types of device. such as COM and LPT and IEEE devices and protable devices. one of these belongs to the dvd player.

what i would suggest, when the list comes up, select the first thing on the list, and press next. this will bring up another smaller list, if none of them are the dvd player, hit back and then select the next kind of device on the list, then next, if none of the things on the second list are the dvd player, hit the back button again and select the next one down. and so on until you find the dvd player.

here is a forum thread on the topic of the cd-dvd player being missing, it may be worth a look.

let me know if you still need help, maybe we can do something else.

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I’m very sorry too. The lights went out about two hours so I have to wait for a while which is why I have to wait.

Let me try to give some more details.

I’m using a laptop, and dvd drive just won’t open.. Then i realized that the dvd drive (D:) is missing from ‘my computer’

I have tried to do what you suggested, but there seem to be nothing about the dvd..

Screenshot 1 2 3 4
I have provided the screenshot, which one to select?

I also have checked the forum you gave me, but I just can’t seem to solve the problem..

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Update :
It seems to be a drive called MTP device..

I checked the device manager and it seems that the MTP device is having a problem..

I tried to fix it, but it says “MTP device has a driver problem”
however, the driver is detected by the computer

Is it ok if I uninstall the driver? I just fear that i wouldn’t be able to re-install it again..

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This showed up when I tried to go to my computer and pressed the ‘back’ button on the left corner

the picture here shows that there is a problem with mtp device. Can I uninstall it?

I was just thinking that if I uninstall it, there might be a chance that the device will re-install by itself when I turn the laptop back on..

But i don’t really know because that is just my speculation.. what do you think?

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MTP device… sounds like an MP3 player to me; a DVD drive won’t show up that way.

Does “Scan for hardware changes…” do anything on your computer?

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@jerv how to do that?

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Underneath the menu bar of the Device Manager are some unlabeled icons. The one all the way on the right end that looks like a computer with a magnifying glass is the one you want. You can also get it by right-clicking pretty much any item in the main screen of the Device Manager.

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@jerv ok, i’ve found it

When i scanned it, it said “Device driver software was not successfully installed”

and this showed up

I also tried to do another scanning with troubleshooting

These warnings appeared : 1 2

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If the DVD drive wont open, there are only 2 options for what has happened to it. 1— its power is not plugged in. 2— you accidentally put a dvd in before taking one out, and the two dvd’s have now jammed it shut. I dont know of a software problem that would prevent it from opening.

and yes, the “other device” would seem like the dvd to me. the one with the little yellow ! mark. that means there is a problem with it.

If it wont open, and it also wont detect it, this makes me suspect that it is physically damaged some how. it should open, no matter how bad the software is configures or how messed up the computer is. even if windows was totally corrupted and the computer would not even start, the dvd drive would still open.

have you not taken the dvd unit out of the machine at all?

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@poisonedantidote no, i haven’t at all.. the previous day it was fine then the next day it just did not work.. i just suspected that i might have misclicked the safely remove device..

but i really don’t know what’s the problem

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