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How hard is it for a dad to be awarded primary custody of a child?

Asked by Lee_27 (348points) April 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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and say the mom has already given away another child for selfish reasons

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It depends on the state you live in. I got mine from my first wife after alot of going to court and belive me her title of “unfit” is an understatement. I would say it is next to impossible. Unless you have got deep pockets and a proveably unfit mother who puts their child in danger regularly. Your home must also be a better place according to psychologist who are willing to testify to that.

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very easy! You just have to prove yourself and prove her unfit pictures, drug test, recorded conversations, etc.

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Hard proof nowadays. I got custody of my 2 kids in Arkansas 25 years ago when I presented proof (photographs) that she was having an affair (I dare say in my house while I was at work). Make sure yyou have the goods against her or him. You may only get one shot.

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depends on how messed up the mother is, if there is nothing wrong with her then most courts will usually prefer to give custody to the mother

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My older brother gained custody of his daughter (thank goodness).

• Proof of the mother’s unstable work history
• Proof of her frequency of boyfriend changes (not only that, but she moved alot because she would move in with the boyfriends).

It was hard, but my brother was awarded custody and even though he didn’t finish college, he worked his butt off for his daughter – and she’s a healthy 13 year old who gets straight A’s, plays the flute and softball/volleyball… And fights her dad when he denies her any boyfriends. :)

Prove that you are the best man for the job of raising and guiding a young human in society and you will have little difficulty. I hope you are up to the task, godspeed.

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