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Ever had an Amazing day?

Asked by thekoukoureport (4023points) October 31st, 2010

I started playing soccer not to long ago, about 5 years in an adult coed soccer league. Our team has alot of good players but we have not been very successful this season. We had only won one game so far this year going into yesterday. Our starting goalie is out with an injury.

Today I Started at goalie for my team in the first game of our double header. We won 2–1! I did so well that The coach asked if I would like to stay in for game two. Anything for the team was my reply, corny I know but, really thats what I said. We won again 1–0!

Not only that, the entire team, the opponent, and the referees all came over to tell me how amazing my performance was. With chest bumps and handshakes and high fives my head was spinning.

How was one of your amazing days?
yeah, I know amazing, but tell us about it.

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I once came 3rd in a martial arts tournament of over 270 people. that was quite cool. but i think what you are talking about here is something different. namely, the phenomenon known as “being in the zone”. This has happened to me a few times, but with unusual things.

I have a very “robotic” mind in a sense, i am very good at small repetitive tasks. i can just build up a rythm, and try to better my rythm each time. because of this, i normally get in the zone when im doing some kind of repetitive task.

One example, would be a day i was working as a metal worker in the UK. we had 8.000 small crappy brakets to make. normally, people could get 1200 to 1400 made in 1 day. we needed the brakets for that day, so i got to it, working as fast as i could. i came in 1 hour early, had no lunch, and left 3 hours late. but i got all 8000 made. my boss at the time congratulated me, and said it was “like watching lightning”, and i got a raise. sure… only 20 cents an hour more, but a raise none the less.

Another time i can remember was when i was about 17 years old and working on the building sites. a cement delivery failed to show up. you know, a big truck full of the stuff, with a big hose and a pump. anyway, me and another guy took on the task, and we mixed it all manually, with a shovel, a wheel barrow and a little cement mixer. by the end of the day it felt like we had just gone 12 rounds with mike tyson, and the next day we could hardly move. but we got the job done. This is also perhaps the worse days work of my life too. there is nothing like shoveling cement in 100 degree temperatures against the clock to make you feel like a slave.

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My day sucked! We played two soccer games against a team who put in a ringer goalie for both games. We lost 2–1 on the first game and 1–0 on the second. We should have beat those guys. But they brought in a fucking ringer goalie that looked like one of those Harlequin Romance Novel Super Models. Fucking asshole!

I lost my job and bet my entire savings on the games in an attempt to save my house. Now I’m getting evicted. Now I’m homeless! And my freakin’ girlfriend ran off with Romeo the Goalie from the other team! We were to be married in the spring.

Oh well, I rushed into this question without reading the details. At least someone had an “amazing” day. I’ll read your details and see if that cheers me up. Thanks!

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Ha sorry I ruined your day but we played two different teams teams… nice try.

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Everyday is amazing if I wake up!

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I make sure every day I have is an amazing day. Just today, for instance, I invented a brand new dish to serve with my Mahi mahi and it was delicious.

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@BoBo1946 Above ground and no dirt in your eyes is always an amazing day!!

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Well to name one off I guess, talking late with Amber during my 6th grade year (2–3 yrs back) we talked from 10–12 at night. I LOVED IT!!! I wish I could do it again, but email doesn’t work and I don’t have texting. Yeah most of my awesome days are mostly me and Amber hanging out or something related to that….I can’t think of any without her in it at the momento at least hehe…

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@Cruiser you got it my friend!

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