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What are some good Halloween jokes?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12681points) October 31st, 2010

Just nothing perverted.

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Q: What do you get when you cross a vampire with a snoman?
A: Frostbite

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This joke actually made me laugh! good one. i will repeat it to someone else.

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This is not a Halloween joke, but i still like it.

How do you know if a cow is from the south?

She goes MOOOOOOO….............y’all.

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Q: What did one casket say to the other?
A: Is that you Coffin?

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How do you know when the base ball pitcher is afraid of ghosts?
When he gets boo’ed off the mound.

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Well darn, I have a good one but it’s a bit off color…oh well. lol

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kinda perverted but its too damn punny to pass up

What do southerns do for halloween?

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These are some pretty bad Halloween puns… I giggled, at least.

What do you get when you drop a pumpkin?

What’s the favorite food of mathematicians?
Pumpkin pi.

How can you make a Jack-o-lantern stop smoking?
Make him wear a pumpkin patch.

What do you call a yokel living on a farm?
A country pumpkin.

Why did the monster eat a light bulb?
Because he was in need of a light snack

Why are most monsters covered in wrinkles?
Have you ever tried to iron a monster?

What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?

What’s a haunted chicken?
A poultry-geist

Where do mummies go for a swim?
To the dead sea

What is Transylvania?
Dracula’s terror-tory

How can you tell when you’re in bed with Count Dracula?
He has a big D on his pajamas

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Why are there fences around cemeteries?

Because people are just dying to get in.

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@troubleinharlem, I can’t even begin to tell you how bad those are! ;0). Which explains, of course, why I feel the need to send them along to several friends!

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Man, we keep being encouraged every year when 5,000 people sign up to run our “Annual Halloween 5K Run to Cure Amnesia”.

But dammit, once again this year…..nobody showed up….

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How commercialized it’s become.

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What’s a skeletons favorite toy?
His deady bear.

What do you call a skeleton in the snow?
A numbskull.

If you like these, there are a ton more here. They have ghost jokes, pumpkin, and a bunch more that are all Halloween.

Why are mummies bad best friends?
They are too wrapped up in themselves.

What should you do if your home is surrounded by zombies?
Hope it’s Halloween!

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