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Will the cubs win the world serise?

Asked by spiderman217 (1points) April 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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Nope never going to happen. I mean they couldnt do it with good ole sammy sosa and he was a big time leader of home runs. They are destined to remain losers.

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Doesn’t anyone except a few, and you know who you are, give a rats ass about spelling and punctuation?

serise is not a word, series is. Cubs, Yankees, Mariners who cares?

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What is a serise?

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@cardinal; if we are going to pick the nits, and I am not saying we should, what about “a rat’s ass”? And yes, I am lurking here on the edges thinking about run-on sentences and using a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence. I have tried to take a vow of silence but occasionally can’t help myself. I have given up on the iPhone questions, however.

Gottergrammarung, I say.

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@ gailcalled OK nuff said, no more from me.

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@gail, “a rat’s ass” is a PERFECT thing not to give, don’t you see?

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@gailcalled: fiat Fluther ruat grammaticum, eh?

We’ve been teasing one of the managers here at work about CUBS IN ‘08. They did win in ‘08, you see, the last time….

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its funny that so many people on here complain about the iPhone users.

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@cheebdragon: it’s because many of us noticed a strong correlation between posting from an iPhone and posting an illegible and poorly worded mess.

There was also a major influx of iPhone users that didn’t get the culture of Fluther that had been established up to that point, some of whom confused Fluther with an iPhone support site, and some of whom asked really inane questions or answered questions really stupidly just because they could.

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Cwilbur, the iPhone has auto spell check meaning that directly after typing in a word, if it even thinks there is a chance I am not spelling a word correctly It will correct me. So because of this handy yet annoying feature It takes me at least 10 seconds of fighting the iphone spell check
just to spell 1 word wrong! So don’t blame iPhone users for the fluther users who can’t spell.

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