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Have you ever sabotaged your own efforts?

Asked by Rubrica (613points) October 31st, 2010

So, it’s not really a hypothetical question today, simply because after nine questions for you guys, I’m beginning to run out of them. :) So, instead, I’ve given you a question about you past experiences;

Have you ever sabotaged your own efforts? By this, I mean deliberately ruining something that either you have been pressured into doing or have chosen to do of your own accord.

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I was a projectionist at a big theater for three years. I was good at fixing everything but sound. I intentionally borked the sound while Titanic was playing with 500 people watching. 500 Refunds..

I did this because I was paid 5.25 per hour and was treated like shit.

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No….other people seem to do it much more effortlessly for me.

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I admit while making do with lunches off spare change that I got fire lit under my ass to discover others were eating out and spending on things while claiming to be broke and so couldn’t help me. In juvenile retaliation I went shopping for things for myself on the money I had earmarked to share around.

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@Cruiser -yep I can relate to that! But I am a master at doing it to myself as well. I should say I used to be, now that I have become aware of my tendency to do it, I am much better at not doing it. I still have some of the old habits left though, such as waiting until the very last minute to leave for an appointment or to start a project with a deadline. It makes my own life so much more stressful and difficult, but I keep doing it! Maybe someday I will learn.

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My problem is that I get so wrapped in my own issues that when I try to relate it to the actual cause of the problem, he gets mad. My son is out of work. I am paying a lot of his bills. He plays on the computer 90% of the time, and spends a huge amount of the rest of the time following leads that I know will lead nowhere. The current one is a franchise that costs $20 thousand dollars and offers no financial assistance.

Sure, it would be great to be your own boss, if you can afford it but a real job far more practical = working for someone else.

My own arguments sabotage any possible solution.

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