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Which is the best credit card?

Asked by skfinkel (13478points) October 31st, 2010

Tired of the black out days from my mileage plus, also random shut downs from Chase when I was traveling. Is there a great card out there?

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I’ve been told that Discover is excellent, but very hard to get.

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Discover has historically been one of the easiest cards to get. I like discover because you get your “cash back” award automatically every month. With Mileage Plus, you accumulate miles but the program might go bust before you can ever cash them in. A bird in hand, you know.

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I use Capital One’s MC. No difficulties ever and a teensy cash refund since I don’t want miles.

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My best card is the Discover card I have underwater in my frizzer!

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Do you want a mileage card? If you live near a Delta hub, I am very happy with their American Express card. I get free baggage check, I have been able to use my points for free tickets without trouble regarding black out dates, and you can always use $10k points to reduce your ticket price by $100 without black out dates. You also get a companion ticket every year for $99 to kind of make up for the annual fee.

I also have a VISA that lets you use 20,000 points for a $400 ticket, but it must be an airline that works with travelocity. If you are interested in that, I can pull it out of my wallet and tell what it is. That same card you can by gift cards at stores and other things with the points if you prefer. If I remember correctly my annual fee is waved if I spend $25k a year (I might be wrong on the amount) or you can pay for the fee with points from your card that you have accrued.

If you shop a lot at Federated stores, Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s, their cards give back reward money, which is like money, not a discount coupon, which is nice, plus you will get all of the mailings for coupons. I only recommend if you shop a lot though.

I used to know of a website that compared lots of credit cards, I don’t remember what it is now, but if you google a little maybe something will pop up.

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The absolute best credit card is not one at all. they eat you alive in interest.

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@john65pennington, I’ve had credit cards since my college days and I haven’t paid any interest in over 20 years. On the other hand I’ve gotten hundreds of dollars back on credit cards on purchases not only for myself, but also business travel and such. My credit cards have also given me free travel insurance and free insurance covering rental cards. I’m WAY better off for using them than not using them.

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Ditto what @GeorgeGee said, I have saved and earned tons of money over the years using credit cards, especially back when our savings accounts earned decent interest, and I could hold onto my money longer using a card. I have never paid interest to a credit card company, I never buy something unless I can pay for it cash, the credit card is just a tool.

There is a bill before congress, or it was being developed, not sure, trying to get discounts for people paying in cash, that would possibly change things. I don’t know what the current law is? I remember years ago being able to buy gas cheaper with cash.

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Capital One

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USAA has always treated me very well, and you don’t have to be military to utilize their banking services. Their credit cards have rewards programs. They are neither fee nor interest rate crazy.

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@Kayak8 LOL! I’ve used that trick! I’ve had all my credits frozen in a block of ice, in a plastic container in the freezer a number of times.

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I’ve had very good luck with Capital One.

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The best card is a DEBIT card.

Or, the best card is NONE.

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